Zombie Survival Pro 0.2.460 APK + MOD (Unlocked for all)

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If you think that Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro is really difficult, then downloading the MOD APK version will help you solve all the problems.

Introducing Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro

Live Or Die: Survival is released by PRIDEGAMESSTUDIO for free on iOS and Android platforms. As its name suggests, you have to find a way to survive in a harsh environment, or you have to choose death.

I haven’t talked about a survival game for a long time. Currently, games like PUBG Mobile or Fortnite are very popular all over the world due to the role-playing method, allowing players to interact with the entire environment and other players. If you feel that the war in these games is too cruel, try Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro. At least in PUBG Mobile your enemies are 99 people. In this game, you are alone and your enemies are hundreds and thousands of monsters and bloodthirsty zombies.


Survival or death plot

A strange virus caused the collapse of human civilization. Turns people into scary zombies. Don’t stop there, the zombies keep destroying everything and spreading the virus by biting the survivors. You are a lucky person who is not infected. The world has nothing but ruins and wastelands, and you and the survivors must learn how to survive with the many hardships and dangers lurking in each day.

The plot of Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro is not much different from other zombie games, but there are still plenty of mysterious messages waiting for players to respond. Where does the virus come from? What is the method of treating an infected person? There are many things that you need to answer in this game.

Learn how to survive

Live Or Die Survival

At the beginning of the game, the player does not have anything in your hands even clothes. But in return, you will get a detailed tutorial on how to do something from the available materials, how to make weapons or some useful tips to help you not die at the first stage of the game. Killing an animal for food, finding clean water, cutting down trees for firewood, and making a fire are the most important things that help you to live anywhere. If you have mastered all this, do not rush because your real enemies are still around.

The zombies in this game do not have the ability to think but in return, they run very fast and are very aggressive. Every time you get attention, they will chase you until you die or die. Ordinary person facing thousands of zombies is impossible, you need to upgrade armor and create weapons to be ready to handle every situation. Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro lets you build solid homes to protect you from the dangers of stalking. Your character is human, he needs rest after working all day. So building a solid house is a good idea to keep yourself safe during that time. Choose the building you want, look at the materials you need on the left side of the screen, get enough materials and start building it.

Upgrade armor and weapons

Survival or death weapons

The game is full of weapons from shotguns, shotguns to flamethrowers, saws, … Every time you rise, it means that the zombies in Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro are stronger, faster and more aggressive. What you need to do is to upgrade your weapons and armor. In addition, you can create your own weapons when combining the materials you have.

The game maps are quite large, and it can take months to discover them. Therefore, the game encourages players to explore new places by completing missions and finding secrets and treasures hidden on the map.

3D graphics

Live Or Die Survival graphics

Compared to other survival games, the graphics of Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro are simpler. Top-down 3D graphics allow you to observe the entire environment. Although the game is light in color but at night you will feel scared in the dark.

MOD APK version of Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro

MOD Features

Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD APK provides you with the following features:

  • free craft
  • Max Durability
  • Unlimited energy
  • open to all

Download Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD APK For Android

Overall, Live Or Die: Survival Pro is a great survival game in 2018. Exciting features, unique story, and huge mission system are the things that make you can’t leave your phone.

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