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Do you want to cook the world’s best dishes on your own? Fulfill your dreams with the MOD APK (Unlimited Money) version of Cooking Diary. The game takes you to the wonderful world of cooking, where you can satisfy your soul and build the biggest restaurants.

Show About Cooking Diary

Cooking Diary is a very interesting and engaging restaurant management game. You are assigned to operate and manage a restaurant serving multiple clients. Of course, you are managing and acting as a head chef at the same time. Show great love for food and build one of the biggest restaurants in the world.

a story

In Cooking Diary, you are someone with a strong passion for cooking. The generations of your ancestors created a famous restaurant called Tasty Hills. One day, your grandfather visits you and asks you to be the manager of this culinary empire. Not only does your cooking improve, but your restaurant also has to find a way to combat the scams of your competitors.

With the determination to restore the ancestral empire and an intense love for cooking, you will build a restaurant that serves the best food. To do this, your restaurant must satisfy the most demanding customers, including culinary critics and tabloids.

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Be a good chef

Cooking Diary has an element of time management when you are working as a chef in a restaurant. As a chef and manager, you have to prepare delicious food as quickly as possible. In case of waiting too long, customers will get frustrated and leave. They can make the restaurant’s reputation go down significantly.

In addition, you can prove yourself by participating in culinary competitions with your own group. Interesting and exciting cooking competitions will become even more competitive with the participation of all the good chefs of Tasty Hills. It’s like you are participating in the Master Chef program and you can win and become famous all over the world. It is difficult but not impossible.

Build your restaurant

With sheer culinary talent and the title of best chef in Tasty Hills, you will be able to build a great restaurant like never before. Cook delicious food and satisfy all the guests who come here. If your dishes invade customers, they will come back. Besides, conquering the fast food critics is also an important task of the restaurant. So I always cook with a great love for food.

The space of the restaurant is an important factor along with the quality of the dish. You can decorate your restaurant with colorful and luxurious furniture. In particular, you can turn the restaurant into a mini theater that serves customers while they wait for food with a vibrant sound system. In fact, if I were a customer, I would never forget the feeling of enjoying delicious food in that romantic and delicate space.

Customize your character

In addition to being a “chef”, you can also become the most elegant chef in the world. Decorate your character with hundreds of different clothes and accessories. Change your look by adding a mustache, changing your hair style, eye color, skin tone, or even your face. Not only the world of cooking, but Cooking Diary is also a world of fashion and furniture for you.

Make Grandpa feel proud

Not just a restaurant, you can own a chain of the largest restaurants in the world. At that time, the empire left by the family was restored. Attesting to this, the beloved grandfather of the main character will surely be proud of you.

MOD APK version of Cooking Diary

MOD . Feature

Unlimited Money: You will have unlimited money after completing the tutorial screen.


To avoid blocking, the network must be turned off when playing.

Download Cooking Diary MOD APK For Android

With unique and bright graphics, accompanied by an interesting story, Cooking Diary will take you to experience a world from your own kitchen. Where you can unleash your creativity, prepare delicious food as you like and tell your own story. Trust me, it will be a great experience! Leave your comments if you like this game, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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