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Hello! I `m back. As you all know, since the release of Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2, both of these games immediately topped the rating of paid games at the time. But since this is a review about Realm Defense MOD APK, so I will choose Fieldrunners 2, the game that paves the way for the tower defense series and the game has the most similar gameplay. So let’s check out this game now!

Introduction about Realm Defense


For the drawing, we will allocate 4 levels, automatic, low, medium and high. What makes the game smoother is the 2D graphics along with the simple effects. These two factors will help the game avoid overlapping effects or lag with graphics requirements not too high, so the game will always run as smoothly as possible.

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Realm Defense has the same gameplay as Fieldrunners, so your main task in the game is to provide the best tactics to protect the kingdom gate from poisonous caterpillars, zombies or even witches.

In order to give optimum tactics, the game will provide you with 4 main types of turrets including Archer, Barracks, Cannon and Wizard. Each tower has a different function and strength. After passing the first five stages, you will get two more champions, Fee and Lancelot.

The game has 20 levels corresponding to each different kingdom and the maximum difficulty level of the game is 5. The game requires you to complete all stages of the first kingdom to go to the next kingdom. With each level, the difficulty of winning 3 stars will increase.

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What makes this game different from Fieldrunners comes from the heroes. Instead of the gameplay in which you are provided with towers and upgrade them gradually over time, Realm Defense allows you to upgrade towers along with upgrading heroes. So the difficulty level is high and the complexity of the enemies increases.

Finally, this is a game that I definitely think is “pay to win”. From the second hero onwards, you will need a lot of diamonds to unlock other heroes. You can get diamonds by participating in the open arena every day.

Some of my tips


In this game we are allowed to use two free heroes, Fee and Lancelot.

The fee is the female archer that you will get after completing the first few stages, this hero does not have many health points so you should put the fee in safe mode. In the beginning, when you haven’t collected much elixirs to upgrade your hero, Fee can help you a lot with being able to summon wolf spirits. However, the condition for you to summon wolf spirits is not to let Fee die. After each round of the stage, our heroes will be revived, but the fee after death will lose that skill.

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The next hero we will receive in the first half of the game is Lancelot. As the name of the hero, Lancelot is a knight and has the skill to activate a shield covering himself and his teammates. If you encounter enemies with fast moving speed, you need to make use of this guy’s skills along with the tower to stop them.


In Realm Defense you will own 4 main towers Archer, Barracks, Cannon and Wizard.

  • Archer is used to attack flying enemies.
  • Barracks should be located near the gates to prevent enemy infiltration.
  • The cannon has higher damage than enemies before you upgrade them in the early game.
  • Wizards should be upgraded sooner as they create an area of ​​increased damage and attack speed for heroes and soldiers.


In Fieldrunners 1 and 2, you probably still remember the epic tune. On the contrary, the game will lead us to fantasy wars with great adventure music. I actually had to take a few minutes to enjoy this whole song.

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Most of the games in this category are underestimated due to the difficulty level of the game and the interface is very simple. And to solve this problem, Realm Defense was really right when investing in a soundtrack like Legend of Zelda. Because if you have played this series before, the soundtrack of Legend of Zelda is highly appreciated by gamers.

Pros and cons

Advantages: The graphics of the game are smooth, without lag or frame lag. Diverse gameplay levels and lots of upgrades. The sound is the biggest advantage because the soundtrack is very attractive to gamers.

Cons: The game is a pay-to-win genre, and doesn’t really create conditions for players to experience all the superior features if they aren’t purchased. The game is unbalanced in the later difficult levels, due to the lack of necessary heroes. And you can’t get diamonds if you can’t win 3 stars in each level.

MOD APK version of Realm Defense

MOD . Feature

Unlimited Money

Download Realm Defense APK & MOD for Android

So which is better between classic Fieldrunners and Realm Defense? If you are interested in playing a lot, Realm Defense is for you. Otherwise, you will immediately get bored because you cannot reach your goals immediately. So in my opinion, to increase the level of motivation, the game should be enjoyed with more elements than just trying.

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