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School – White Day APK Free now on APKMODY. You can download and experience the horror of falling into Yeondu School.

Presentation about school – white day

In previous articles, I introduced Death School, an interactive adventure game, with the theme of school horror. After the experience, many players have left the evaluation that they really like this genre, so I come again and recommend The School – White Day. Developer SONNORI has a new idea about it, promising to bring players an exciting journey. If you have been looking forward to a horror experience, you should explore it now!

the story

The story of The School – White Day is about a high school student named Hui-min. He always feels that studying is too boring. But under pressure from his parents, he had to go to school every day with a sullen face.

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As usual, Yeondu High School finished its last semester after sunset. Hui Min was on his way home, but realized that he had left something at school, so he went back and looked for it. At school, he meets an unknown student. He forgot his purpose. The two talked and discovered a few places in Yeondu that a few students had come to. And then, something strange happened, which made Hwi Min and his friend feel stuck in Yeondu. Everything was engulfed in a scary, dark and silent place. Up front, does anyone know what’s going on? What will Hoi Min do? Will he be able to go home?


The beginning of the game is a short video, a summary of the life of the protagonist Hui-min and the scene that takes place in Yeondu High School. You will play as Hui-min, interact with his friends and write the rest of his life story.

The control of The School – White Day is a bit complicated, as it brings in role-playing elements, rather than just interaction and choice like what Death School did. You can use the joystick to control the Hui-min as it moves to the locations. Touch the action buttons in the right corner of the screen to perform the corresponding actions such as running, sitting and picking up objects. In flight, items will also appear. Of course, they all have a purpose. You need to collect them and unravel the riddles of this school. I thought the key I discovered on the other table was just a decoration until I met a locked door, I needed the key to escape the stalker. This was my fault.

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In addition, don’t forget that your most important goal is to protect Hui-Min’s safety and help him leave Yeondu. From a Hui-Min (first person) point of view, you will interact with other characters and make decisions. These decisions will affect what will happen in the future and affect the way other characters behave with Hui-Min, so don’t regret thinking for a few seconds before considering touching left or right to select an appropriate line.

horror factor

School – White Day is a horror theme about school. Although there are no items such as guns, knives or any other weapon, there are many scenes that will amaze you. Soon, you will feel escaping from the chase of the fierce ranger, school ghosts and full of other horrors.

SONNORI really knows how to bring feelings to players from a realistic perspective. The auto shot will be played as a short video, like a horror movie with an exciting feeling.


The School – White Day stands out with its sharp and realistic 3D graphics platform. With the dark background, from Yeondu School, the classroom and the corridor to the characters are honestly shown. Moreover, the sound of the game is also very noticeable. The eerie silence, sometimes shortness of breath and steps in the quiet middle of the night, can prevent you from getting out of bed to go to the toilet. The game also encourages you to use headphones to increase focus and have a better experience.

The School White Day 1024x576

Note when installing The School – White Day APK

If you encounter a black screen after installing the game, don’t worry. Please close the game and reopen it.


If you are stuck in Yeondu High School with a lot of scary stuff, how will you survive and go home safely? Download and try The School – White Day to find your own answer.

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