Company of Heroes APK + OBB 1.2.1RC6 Free Download for Android

Do you like strategy games with a world war theme? Company of Heroes APK, the latest strategy game from Feral Interactive, is a great choice for you.

Provide information about the Heroes Company

Company of Heroes is a version for Android devices. In fact, the game was very popular on PC when it was first released by THQ in 2006. It has been highly praised by critics, for its original and detailed content, and inspiration from World War II.

Join the Company of Heroes, you will be taken back to the bloodiest war in history from 1939-1945. Equip your army with a smart strategy. Thousands of enemies are waiting for you outside the battlefield!


Company of Heroes builds content and context based on the Normandy campaign. The Allies launched this campaign to seize Western Europe in 1944, under the leadership of the main power, the United States.

Heroes Robot Company

The player is part of the American force tasked with performing the essential tasks of the campaign to be successful.


Normandy is a great drive. They are organized in phases, each of which takes place in an area with a specific goal. You are the leader of the allied faction in this campaign, you will have to take over the bases / lands by your boss.

The games will continue until Normandy succeeds. If you fail, you will keep playing again.

Company of Heroes game

Overall, the gameplay in Company of Heroes is designed in a really detailed way. Only when you test the game will you understand why it has received so many praise from critics. You will start organizing the military units. Build barracks, prepare supplies for the upcoming battle, and control and command your soldiers when the war begins.

Besides this gameplay, you have a detailed control panel. There, you can choose which components to control, from ground forces, air forces, and vehicle units. Besides, there is a general map in the left corner of the screen, which helps you to control the battlefield and organize troops more effectively.

However, for those who have little experience with strategy games, they will think that Company of Heroes is quite annoying. But with the tutorial from the system, they will soon get to know how the game works.

Quick campaigns

The scale of the Normandy campaign was enormous. However, it has been analyzed and reimagined in many battles in the company of heroes.

Heroes Company screenshot

In some levels, you will lead a quick campaign. Its size was not really large, because the goal was to destroy a certain base or structure of the enemy side.

This means that the difficulty gradually increases. Each stage of the campaign must be carried out accurately and without gaps. You will control a small squad, trying to infiltrate deep into the enemy barracks, and mark strategic capture points with flags, so that air reinforcements can attack or bomb.

Under your command, underground soldiers must move carefully to stay undetected, while destroying guard towers (guard tower) to remove warnings to the enemy side.

The above is just a small campaign I have ever tried. The Company of Heroes also has many other interesting campaigns taking place at sea and in the air, in order to bring troops into the base of the enemies.

Facing a mighty German army

Germany is the main enemy force that you spend most of your time fighting with them in the company of heroes. It is known that they have a powerful military system, and they also have advanced weapons. Thus, you also need to constantly develop your army and equip it with the best weapons.

Tactics not only appear in battles between soldiers on the ground, but in battles that sometimes involve war machines such as tanks, warships, aircraft, and missile launch systems. You will have to adjust the position for each type, to avoid risks and achieve the highest damage effect.

How to install Company of Heroes APK + OBB

  1. Download Company of Heroes APK and OBB files for free.
  2. Extract the “” file.
  3. Copy the “com.feralinteractive.companyofheroes_android” folder to the “Android / obb” folder.
  4. Install the APK file.

Note: The game may not work, because Feral Interactive games have good security.

Download Company of Heroes APK for Android

The Company of Heroes simulated the Normandy campaign in World War II in vividness and detail. You are given the opportunity to become a campaign leader, and experience World War II from the perspective of a soldier.

Company of Heroes retails for $19.99 on Google Play. However, you can download and install the game’s APK and OBB files for free via the links below.

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