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Download Bulu Monster MOD APK (Unlimited Bulu Points), collect powerful monsters to fight against other bosses.

Introduce Bulu Monster

Bulu Monster is the most popular game from publisher Sigma Game Limited. It was released for Android in mid 2013. So far, the game is over 7 years old, but the developer is still releasing content updates to update the player experience. On Google Play, the game has hundreds of thousands of 5-star reviews and has been installed over 5 million times.


Basically, Bulu Monster is like a shortened version of the popular Pokemon game. You can create role-playing characters, roaming around areas on the map to collect and fight monsters. Your goal in this adventure is to become the best monster trainer.

The battles in Bulu Monster are very simple and familiar. You don’t even need instructions from the system if you’ve played Pokemon games before. When the battle begins, monsters will be sent to the battlefield. Monster skills are displayed at the bottom of the screen; You can choose the right skills to perform each time it is your turn.

Bulu Monster map is set up like roads. You can choose your direction. As a result, you will face different challenges and monsters. When a fight occurs, the screen will automatically switch to the battlefield without asking for your opinion. So make sure you are always ready to fight!

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monster system

Bulu Monster has more than 150 types of monsters for you to collect and train. During the game, you can catch wild monsters with a ball called Capture Ball. But to catch them, you have to weaken them in battle, then choose the ball that matches the strength of each type.

In terms of appearance, the monsters are really cool. It is designed to look beautiful and sharp. Its animation effects are also handled very well; You can check it out when you see them fighting. Some reviews indicate that Bulu Monster is better designed than Pokemon games in this regard.

Each monster has a relatively detailed system of stats and skills. During the game, they will gain experience to level up. HP, damage, speed will rise to higher levels. Meanwhile, new combat skills will be unlocked. Skills can also be maximized to level 10.

Complete missions to get rewards

The task system is updated every day; New missions also unlock when your journey turns to a new page. Upon completing the puzzle, you will receive matching rewards, including Bulu points, experience, or even some rare monsters.

NPCs also provide quizzes and quests for you. By interacting with them, you can get additional instructions and information needed to search for treasures.

Let’s visit the store

The shop is a place to sell special items, including monsters, potions, and toolset. There are different types of Kit Set. They are sold for Bulu Points and contain items such as the Capture Ball and experience.

The potion in the store helps monsters increase their strength, increase health, or heal wounds during battle. Besides, the medicine helps weaken enemy monsters, making it easier for you to catch them.

Rare monsters can only be found in stores. The cost of a monster ranges from 800 to 1000 Bulu points. Their default level is 5, and their ratings range from 1 to 3 stars.

What is Polo Point?

Polo Point is the main currency in Polo Monster. They are used to purchase items in the shop and use them to quickly complete missions.

MOD APK version of Bulu Monster

MOD . Feature

Unlimited Polo Points

Download Bulu Monster MOD APK For Android

Bulu Monster takes the player on an adventure in a fantasy world where the player must face monsters, then capture them to become the best boss. Besides the story mode, players can also compete with other trainers in PvP mode with familiar turn-based combat gameplay.

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