FINAL FANTASY 1.0.3 APK (paid) Download for Android


FINAL FANTASY APK by SQUARE ENIX is included in the legendary games, which contributes to the beautiful and unforgettable childhood of many people. Now it is available on mobile. Let’s play and relive the happy times.

Final Fantasy

Refresh the legendary game and revive your childhood

If you belong to the gen Alpha who is the younger generation playing FINAL FANTASY for the first time on mobile, then it must sound more interesting. The game contains a lot of interesting unknowns during the long history of the game series. I am sure that after playing for a few hours, you will be eager to open the Wiki and read the progress of each part of the game.

Final Fantasy for Android

If you’ve played Final Fantasy before, that memory is sure to follow you to this day. And now you play this game on mobile again, your heart will flutter, and your childhood will quickly return.


In fact, I’ve heard about it a lot before. I heard that her plot was good and deep, and that the character line was a lot and very personal. But that’s not enough to push me to find a specific GBA hack for Final Fantasy and play. Simply because I believe the world is always in motion, and the future will always be better than the past, why should I look for an old game? Moreover, the world of 3D games is now more epic and surreal.

One day my roommate played this game, and it really attracted me. The first sounds (wooden instruments, piano and even strings) touched my heart. Compassionate music made me curious. Who can make a game with such good music? Then I thought I should download it and try.

It’s been a few days now. And when my heart was still unable to calm down, I decided to write a review for you. Since I played this game for the first time, I have nothing to compare with the original on the old console and with other parts of Final Fantasy. The first thing I can confirm with you: This pixel art game is perfect for mobile.


Earth, fire, water and wind are the four elements that give life to the planet. It was made up of light shining through four magic crystals. One day the light that illuminated this world suddenly disappeared. Darkness covered the earth. The whole world could only hope for one glimmer of hope about the heroic characters in the myths. But now, luck is back, and they’re back in the form of young teenage heroes. You will be part of Warriors of Light and with your companions on a journey to find the cause of the disappearance, restore the power of the Crystal, and save the world from darkness.


When you play the game, you will be impressed by the full majestic beauty of the game with the best and deepest story of all time. The story itself always comes with open knots, twists, and turns that you only discover after a long journey. For example, the first villain to appear is not the last boss. Then when you think you have completed the task and reached the end of the game, a new battle suddenly occurs. Or much more than the fierce battles out there, the inner struggles of each person’s tragedy are more terrible and destructive.

The indispensable specialty of Final Fantasy lies in the memories of the past intertwined with the present, to explain a certain strange decision of the character. When you see all the good things hidden in the story, that’s when you really understand the so-called “saga” of Final Fantasy.

Keep the old identity, but make it newer for mobile

Moving and controlling the characters in FINAL FANTASY is very simple using the simulation buttons that appear directly on the screen. This should be something the developer should change to fit the new platform. I highly appreciate them because they are very intuitive and easy to use. Beginners can still easily learn it and fiddle with it in a matter of seconds. Honestly, after the votes, this is the second driving force that leads me deeper into the realm of this latest fantasy.

FINAL FANTASY on mobile also adds an automatic attack feature for new players or those unfamiliar with the classic turn-based gameplay. And to lure players into this comeback, the manufacturer also particularly favors players who have a very cheap item system compared to current RPGs. You can also save it at any time. The menu is intuitive, and the map is clear even though it’s quite small. They have all created a huge attraction for this seemingly old game.

Let’s continue the adventure in Final Fantasy II.

Unmistakable gameplay

Everything seems to be more advanced than the first version to help the game reach many youngsters. But the difficulty of Final Fantasy remains the same. The typical model is the classic turn-based combat mechanism that moves diagonally. Especially with the strict loan repayment system. For example, if you want to revive and cure your character, things will not be easy. You will have to pay the price with a large amount of money that you rarely get. This forces the player to be very careful in every decision, movement and even in how he uses his combat power.

Characters, depending on their victory, will be upgraded in the experience level system. This experience point is accumulated by killing enemies through levels. In addition to the usual fighting skills, your character in Final Fantasy also has the ability to use magic.


For me, this is a very attractive element of this game. Characters can learn magic on their own, according to different color classifications. White magic is used to support allies, black magic to attack, red magic is a combination of white and black, and blue magic gives you the ability to copy enemy attacks. Time magic can help you teleport or slow down enemy attacks. Summon magic helps you summon mysterious creatures to support them in battle.

Download FINAL FANTASY APK free for Android

There’s no denying it: The storytelling and gameplay in Final Fantasy may be outdated. But it’s this “stubbornness” that inadvertently makes a huge difference compared to the countless epic role-playing games today on mobile. Especially when retro and nostalgia is popping up all over the place, bringing back a game full of memories has injected even more enthusiasm for those who are in love with that relaxed lifestyle.

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