11 Best Cashmere Leggings To Buy For Luxurious Comfort

Listen, man lovers.

Now that the wind is blowing and the snow is coming soon, your usual athletic leggings may not cut short when it comes to keeping warm.

Cashmere Leggings Provided, the luxurious way to stay warm in winter without sacrificing the style and comfort of leggings. While they may be pricey, the feeling of slipping a pair on cold legs can’t be beat. Plus, they are perfect for pairing with a cashmere sweater for a matching set.

We think any pair below is worth the winter investment, but we’ve also rounded up some leggings, socks, and pants in a variety of prices to help you budget for the upcoming season. Some are made from 100% cashmere, which we obviously love, while other options are blended with silk, wool, and other luxurious fabrics.

Read on for our picks from top brands like Madewell, Naadam, and more for a look at just how comfortable winters can be.

Woman in black leggings and white jacket

Feel like a model in this cashmere and cashmere blend pair. Naadam pants are a great way to combine the luxurious feel of cashmere with a pair of everyday pants that you won’t feel guilty about wearing every day. They come in black and range in size from XXS to XXL.

Woman in black leggings and a short black tank
y crew

Leave it to J. Crew to prep you and your closet for winter. The Ultimate Cashmere Leggings are made with responsibly sourced cashmere and just a hint of Lycra for added stretch, making it super comfortable as well as super soft.

woman in black leggings

100% cashmere for under $200? Thanks Nordstrom. These Nordstrom Signature leggings are just as they say, made from true-to-size 100% cashmere. They come in black to match any outfit and range in sizes from XXS to XXL.

The lower body of the woman wears a pair of dark brown cashmere leggings

Well, we know there are technically sweatpants out there, but we couldn’t resist. Quince brand leggings look more like joggers or dare we say more stretchy leggings, depending on the size you get. They’re made of 100% first-class Mongolian cashmere, which is crazy because they only go for $89 now on the site.

Woman wearing a matching brown cashmere sweater and leggings set

It’s Sitra weather and we’re prepared for it. Combining responsibly sourced pullover material and cashmere, the Madewell leggings are a blend of 50% recycled cashmere, 30% wool, and 20% virgin cashmere. They come in brown and black, and range in size from XXS to XXL.

woman in brown leggings

TKEES is not just about sandals. Knowing the cold weather is coming, slip on your shorts and wear these ribbed pants made from 100% cashmere. They are a little larger in size for a comfortable feel and come in brown, brown and black.

Woman in white cashmere leggings and top

A better duo than silk and cashmere? We’ll wait, because we don’t think that’s possible. This silk and cashmere pair comes in white or black to match any winter outfit. They’re made in Mongolia and feature 70% fine cashmere and 30% split silk, and range in size from small to extra large.

Woman in green leggings and black jacket
Neiman Marcus

Well, we lied, because wool and cashmere are also a dream duo. These leggings from Theory can be found at Neiman Marcus, and they come in a dark green perfect for winter and range in size from XS to large.

Woman in leggings and a black shirt
that. Bill London

Is this to your liking? For us, the N. Peal London pair is perfect for all seasons and comes in a range of basic colors like navy blue, gray and black. It’s made with 70% Mongolian cashmere and 30% silk for a lighter weight that you can wear all year round.

Woman in red cashmere pants and gray cropped top
state cashmere

Make a statement with a fun pair of cashmere pants. These aren’t technically leggings, but we don’t think you’ll care once you’re wearing these 100% inner Mongolian cashmere ribbed leggings. They come in pictured bright red, as well as brown, gray and black and range in size from small to XL.

Women's legs in black socks

Last but not least, everyone needs a great pair of black socks. These are perfect for wearing under long skirts or jackets, and will keep you warmer than any drugstore pair. They’re made with 61% cashmere, 26% silk, 11% nylon, and 2% elastane so you can stretch while keeping their shape for wear over and over.


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