ABBA announces that they are separated forever: ‘This is it’

With new music and a supposedly industry-changing tour on the horizon, ABBA has announced it’s breaking up again.

This is supergroup member Benny Anderson, 74. He told the Guardian newspaperAt the same time, the group’s long-awaited 40-year reunion exaggerated how great it was to make music together again — and how they plan not to do it again. “It has to be, you know.”

This second breakup differs from the group’s 1982 breakup: this breakup is amicable (the first came amid a group-wide divorce) but final. While Anderson “didn’t actually say ‘this is’ in 1982,” he does now.

“I never told myself that ABBA would never happen again. But I can tell you now: This is it,” he declared with an end.

While beloved Swedish singers may be promoting their swan song, the world still has a lot to look forward to in the near future. The 10-song album “Voyage” — the first new music from ’70s pop stars in four decades — is set to release on November 5, and tickets are now selling out for a eponymous accompanying tour of sorts beginning in 2022.

Voyage’s show includes officially a “Concert” show, the creation of a 3,000-person arena, a 10-piece live band, and 800 animators — and the creation of the quartet’s digital “Abbatars,” who were notorious for not enjoying live performances or travelling.

“So we literally shot ABBA, and then Wayne McGregor took all their movements and expanded those movements into younger body pairs, so you have the spirit of ABBA in these younger bodies, and we fused them together, but it’s not 3D,” film director Billy Walsh told The Guardian about The so-called change happened.” “They gave me this building where we’re going to have a live concert that is not holograms, which people will want to come to again and again, with a flat screen. This was my biggest challenge: How do we make this experience an immersive, live experience, with essentially a flat screen? ”

Fans can find out exactly what he’s talking about starting May 27, 2022, when ABBA’s “journey” is set to open. At the new ABBA Arena in London.

oppa new album journey
ABBA’s new album “Voyage” will be released on November 5.


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