Americans will live in haunted houses to buy their dream homes

These days, Americans want roommates to buy their dream homes, even if those rooms are dead.

Obviously, people aren’t afraid to live with ghosts if it means they’re going to land their dream home.

new data from He reveals that 30% of Americans will reside among the paranormal if it leads to affordable property of their choosing.

What’s more,’s annual Halloween survey found that 20% of Americans wouldn’t mind living in a home where a murder occurred.

Only 17% will live in a haunted house, but that number jumps to 46% if they are able to get that house at a significantly reduced price.

Take, for example, the Charles Manson murder home, which sold for a discount of $1.875 million in June.

More scary data shows that people will tolerate even scary neighbors, with 30% saying they would live next to a cemetery, and 25% saying they would live next to a haunted house.

“In today’s highly competitive housing market, buyers are looking for a breather,” Claire Trabasso, deputy news editor at, said in a press release. “The majority are willing to consider homes rumored to be haunted, especially if they can get these properties at a discount. Nearly half of those surveyed would live in a haunted home if they could get a good discount, which for many buyers is more than Half the market price.

Nearly a third of Americans believe they have, at some point in their lives, actually lived in a house that was haunted.

“Homebuyers who are concerned about a home’s past should be sure to ask questions and do some research before they buy a new home. Only a few states require sellers to notify home hunters if someone dies on the property. Some people who find themselves living in a home believe It is haunted that they turn to specialists — such as paranormal investigators, spiritual healers, and even church-approved religious leaders,” Trapsu said.

2 out of 5 Americans think I think demons exist, A similar percentage says the same about ghosts.


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