Black Hawks coach Brad Aldrich insulted me

John Doe has accused ex-Black Hawk video coordinator Brad Aldrich of sexual assault In an interview with TSN Wednesday evening.

Kyle Beach, a 2008 first-round pick for the Blackhawks who now play in the German third tier, spoke for 25 minutes in an emotional and powerful interview, saying he’s still working through the healing process after suppressing the memory of his assault for years after. Initially reported.

Tuesday, the NHL issued a commissioned report on the incident and two executives have left the franchise — with further fallout continuing to ensue.

“Yesterday was an emotional day,” Beach said. “I cried. I smiled. I laughed, cried more. And my girlfriend and I, we didn’t really know how to feel. We didn’t really know how to think. We held each other and supported each other. …

“I don’t think we could have imagined what would come out of yesterday’s press conference and what followed, just a wonderful sense of relief and justification and my words are no longer against my words.”

Beach was briefly part of the Rangers organization, playing 39 games for the Hartford Wolfpack in 2013-14 after a business deal before traveling abroad the following year.

Kyle Beach headshot
Kyle Beach with Black Hawk in 2013.
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The Black Hawks released a statement praising Beach for offering and apologizing for their regulatory failure.

“It was inexcusable for Black Hawk executives at the time to delay taking action on reported sexual misconduct,” the statement read. “There is no playoff or tournament more important than protecting our players and staff from aggressive behaviour.”

Kyle Beach in Chicago Blackhawk
Kyle Beach said Tuesday’s release of a report on the Black Hawk investigation made an emotional day.
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Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman and Vice President of Hockey Operations Al MacIsaac left the organization on Tuesday after Jenner & Block’s report released. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said he plans to meet with Panthers coach Joel Quenneville and Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff to discuss their roles – both allegedly took part in meetings about what to do after Beach reported the incident to skills coach Paul Vincent during the 2010 playoffs, as Quinville said he wanted Focus on winning the Stanley Cup – but neither was given a vacation.

Beach, who said in a Jenner & Block report that Aldrich threatened his career after being sexually assaulted, described the days following the incident as “recluse” and “dark.”

As part of a severance agreement reached after the Blackhawks won the title, Aldrich was allowed to spend a day with the Stanley Cup. He also attended the Black Hawks’ championship parade.

“I felt sick to my stomach. I reported this and was notified that it brought it up to the level of the chain of command [skills coach James] Beach said. “was like [Aldrich’s] Life was as it was the day before. The same thing every day.

“And then when they won, to see him walk around, raise the trophy at the show, and picture the team, at the celebrations, he made me feel like I was nothing. He made me feel like I didn’t exist. He made me feel unimportant. And that made me feel like he was right and I was wrong.”

Beach said he first told Vincent, who was credited as a “wonderful guy,” but the news soon spread to the locker room. When Peach was asked about the assertion by several former players that everyone in the locker room was aware of the incident, he said he believed it was true, “100 percent”.

Quinville, who was the Blackhawks’ coach at the time of the attack, coached the Panthers Wednesday night against the Bruins.

“Stan Bowman quotes Joel Quinville as saying that’s not a quote, those are my words, but saying the playoffs and trying to win the Stanley Cup was more important than sexual assault,” Beach said. “And I can’t believe it. As a human, I can’t believe it, and I can’t accept it. … I watched the meetings right after I reported them to James Gary which took place in Joel Quinville’s office. There is absolutely no way to deny his knowledge of them nor There is absolutely no way that Stan Bowman would compose a quote like that for someone who has served his organization and team so well.”

Beach, who broke down in tears when asked about Aldrich later assaulting a player on a high school team in Houghton, Michigan, said that while the incident was not discussed, it had a huge impact on him.

“I did stupid things, I acted, I was shocked,” he said. “I have done things I would never have imagined doing. I relied on alcohol. I relied on drugs. I am very relieved by the news that came out yesterday that I have been acquitted and can now really begin the healing process.”


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