Jimmy Webb’s fight with ex-wife Patsy Sullivan continues


Began in 1996, divorce and battle over cash for Grammy winner Jimmy Webb – “By the time I got to Phoenix” Wichita Lineman – 75, father of six, 22-year-old married to Patsy, 64, daughter of late actor Barry Sullivan, go on. otobio 2017 deleted it, Back when her utilities were stopped, her house was foreclosed, the truck was recalled, and since she only has alimony and child support, she must mourn herself.

Patsy believes these swipes may come from his manager and new wife, Laura Savigny, 57, who is now the beneficiary of Webb’s estate.

Like Washington, like Kabul, like the Middle East, this war continues.

It’s Maine’s attractiveness

Dressing up for Halloween? Stitch it. One female strips off her clothes. Maine Anders Don’t get stuck with ghouls and ghosts in spooky skeleton costumes. She takes stuff.

“I am from Atlanta. I studied anthropology at Georgia State.”

Type Learner Book is now a stripper?

“A friend from Atlanta took me to a restaurant. We worked at the bar and did belly dancers. I had a dream. Also a grant. I wanted to dance. So I got to Brooklyn, $3 in my pocket, answered the Village Voice ad and was hired as a dancer. Then, when No drag queen came to work at the Limelight Club, I took the name Victor Victoria. I didn’t get into a comic. A comic got into me.

My mother was very angry. She said, “My child is not taking our car to New York.” I said: It’s okay. They have a subway system. And since then she’s seen me work at the MGM Grand in Vegas. And on November 3, we can now see me hosting the Abingdon Theater Co’s Broadway on the Bowery in Duane Park in Tribeca.

“At least I don’t have to undress for this job. Look, I half love what I do, half don’t. Half I hate it. But every time I try to leave for something else, I can’t. I worked with James Brown, Lionel.” Richie, you’ve done it all.

“Look, I’m a black artist. My mom is German-Jewish, and my grandmother is half-white. But me and everyone else I know and grew up with from Georgia each have big ass, so I guess if I had that too, flashing my big ass is what I mean.” He probably did in life.”

Scene and listen

Sitting at the end of the bar next to a giant plant so hard to see, CNN’s Fred Zakaria and friend eat Hunan and in deep conversation at Midtown’s Blue Willow. . . And Bianca Marroquin, who played Roxy Hart on “Chicago” and is now Velma Kelly this week in “Chicago,” threw a late-night cocktail party at Boca de Paco. . . And West has added 56 new upscale Italian eateries, Beppe. The name is something after someone is interested in the name Giuseppe.

magic plumber

Keith Raniere has been sentenced to life in prison for operating the Nxivm sex cult. Former organization leader Claire Bronfman spends time at a federal facility in Philadelphia. Convicted of 81 months. Her place of detention has just been crossed. Chaos? bathroom facility. The word cannot be used to describe its outflow here. The prisoners allegedly used toilet tissues to take notes and labeled anything that had broken the system. It ended up going through pipes, the pipes blew, and the floors, halls, and dining area saw the results.

The Philadelphia prison where Claire Bronfman spends time for her cult role in Nxivm is said to have a sewage problem.
The Philadelphia prison where Claire Bronfman spends time for her role in the cult Nxivm is said to have a sewage problem.
Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters


Count Your Blessings: To help financially needy students, New York University has launched a scholarship to celebrate late Hong Kong children’s book author Devesh Samtani, 18. His family, the entrepreneurs behind “As Seen on TV,” manufacture nonstick frying pans, knives, massagers, and household products now sold by Walmart, Target, and CVS.

Why do elephants have trunks? They lack glove compartments. Why do you live in the forest? It is outside the high rent area. Don’t you go to college? Few complete high school. Why are the beaches not allowed? Because they cannot keep their trunks high.

seldom discussed Only in New York, kids, only in New York.


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