Paramount Plus South Park’s First Show, ‘After COVID,’ premieres on Thanksgiving

We knew this was coming, but it’s a bit surprising that it will happen so soon. Paramount+ today announced its first exclusive release South Park Specials. South Park: Post COVID It will premiere on the streaming service Tuesday, November 25th. With an infuriating name like this (we’re still in the middle of an epidemic, folks), there’s plenty of room for laughs.

Although this announcement was expected, not much is currently known about the new special edition. Paramount+ released a teaser for it, in which one of the mountains of this small, sleepy, backward mountain town appeared to become Paramount+’s logo. After he completed his transformation, Cartman said “Oh, that’s really cool.” Yes, $900 million is really cool. Check out the joke below:

but that is not all. The new title will be released with the release of Paramount+ in the Nordic countries, Latin America, Australia and Canada. And this is not the only one South Park Special for 2021. In the same press release, Paramount+ announced that the second special will premiere in December of this year. At the time of publication, the name of this upcoming movie and its release date were unknown.

South ParkThe impending addition to Paramount+ was one of the most shocking TV news stories to emerge this year. In August, Matt Stone and Trey Parker signed a massive deal with the streaming device, promising Paramount+ 14 films for $900 million. This is in addition to the show’s renewal through Season 30 with Comedy Central.

Although the actual numbers are shocking, it is not surprising that South Park An IP address will be hot at a time when the original content is everything. The series premiered in August of 1997. But unlike other long-running comics of this era, Parker and Stone’s awful animated show has always managed to stay relevant. For the past nine years, the series has been the premiere prime-time comedy series on cable. According to Paramount+’s press release, fans have watched over 2.2 billion episodes of South Park So far in 2021 between the series’ linear broadcast and streaming services. And since Stone and Parker have been streaming online before it was cool, they have more control over the rights to broadcast their show than most creators. Basically, if you’re worried about it South Park, Stop. Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman are fine.

Where does it flow? South Park


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