The famous TikToker “Squid” home light show is eerily real

One home’s Halloween decorations are sure to keep visitors from dying in their tracks.

A New Hampshire teen who left TikTok famous for its amazing home lighting shows has configured his family’s home to play the spooky “Squid Game” scene with the horrifying sound of gunshots this spooky Halloween season.

Justin Holt, an 18-year-old high school student and tech expert in Manchester, New Hampshire, has transformed his home and front yard to show off the creepy robotic girl from the hit Korean thriller show that overlooks his neighborhood. This time playing a terrifying version of red light, green light with everyone who passes by the daily suburban house.

With guards from “Squid Game” lit in the windows, the screen first lights up green as the fearsome killer robot has thrown its head back onto the screen, only to quickly change red as it screams forward “Red light!” Right before the white lights flashed with the sound of gunshots.

inspiration? Holt thought “The Squid Game” was great.

“We don’t usually do a Halloween show, but I saw ‘Squid Game’ about two weeks ago and loved it,” he told The Post.

Holt’s elaborate show — quickly crowned the best Halloween house in the country by commentators on his TikTok — doesn’t require much experience to create, according to the teen in computer programming and coding.

“Actually, it’s very easy to do,” he said. “It just costs a lot of money.”

About $20,000 to be exact.

A big chunk of that is covered by the Holt family, who’s been performing elaborate light shows since 2005 in their former Texas home – but thanks to their son’s success and 1.2 million deep followers on the social media app, it’s fluctuating a lot now too.

Creeping red light, green light scene from "squid game" It inspired an elaborate Halloween light show.
The scary red light and green light scene from “Squid Game” inspired an elaborate light show for Halloween.
TikTok / @justinthelightguy

Since Holt channel of light Tweet embed — a page he started just for fun with shows “Minecraft” and “Fortnite” has gone viral in the past year, and he’s been able to earn about $10,000 in sponsorships, money he will put towards future shows, says Holt.

They have become so complex that Holt spends about 500 hours programming the lights properly and his father dedicates about 100 hours to build displays and frames for the lights that stay on year-round, he said.

Creeping red light, green light scene from "squid game" It inspired an elaborate Halloween light show.
Holt’s house has become a TikTok icon due to his wild and crazy shows.

“I wasn’t really trying to go viral, but now that TikTok trends are a huge part of making shows. I’m so much recognized now that our house is known as the ‘TikTok house.'”

Although the current “Squid Game” Halloween setting is pretty intense, Holt tends to be indulgent and have more fun during its busy Christmastime season.

“Seeing the kids happy after how awful last year was really the reason I did it. So many people have gone through hard times and I can see how amazing it feels for them.”

In keeping with this playful spirit, Holt is considering having trick-or-treaters play a game of red and green light to win candy this Halloween.


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