A soccer player collapses on the pitch and is saved by an ICD cardiac operator, after years of medical failure in Brighton due to cardiac concerns.

Ghanaian striker Rafael Dowamina is stable after falling due to a heart complication in an Austrian Cup match.

The former Brighton, 26, goal collapsed during the first half of the Blau Vicente’s game against Hartridge.

The former La Liga star has missed more than a year of work since 2019 due to heart disease


The former La Liga star has missed more than a year of work since 2019 due to heart diseaseCredit: GETTY IMAGES

The paramedics were quick to respond to the incident and thus the game was suspended.

Domina’s life was saved by an implantable defibrillator he reinstalled in 2020.

Its director, Stefan Reiter, confirmed that the medical equipment was working and that the doctors were able to stabilize our shifts.

“The pacemaker was injured and the doctors were able to stabilize it quickly,” Reiter told APA.

Dwamena’s career has been suspended three times due to heart complications.

The striker has been out of action for over a year since October 2019.

He spoiled a £11m move to Premier League side Brighton again in 2017 when his doctor discovered an arrhythmia.

Dowamina joined Austria’s second tier side just over two weeks after Christian Eriksen collapsed during the Euro 2020 group match against Finland in Copenhagen.

The quick-thinking commander immediately put Simon Kjeer Eriksen into recovery mode, cleared his airway and began administering CPR.

Paramedics revived the former Tottenham star with a pacemaker before he was taken on a stretcher and taken to hospital.

In the days that followed, he was fitted with the same machine that Dwamena had, an ICD to start the heart.

The collapse of sports stars due to heart complications has led to calls for more CPR and defibrillation training.


English rugby legend Martin Johnson believes that training can help save many lives, with around a dozen people between the ages of 14 and 35 dying due to similar accidents every time. week.

We’re talking about 45 minutes to an hour of training but that can save a life when the worst thing happens in front of you,” Johnson said.

“CPR is easy to learn and you never know when it might be needed.”

Christian Eriksen sends a touching video message to support a nine-year-old girl before her heart operation

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