A woman’s secret to losing 80 pounds is to delete social media sites

This woman lost 80 pounds from a different diet. She has taken down social media.

Brenda Fenn, 33, a candle maker from London, told SWNS she’s “always been a bit plump,” but in 2016 she started gaining a lot of weight, hitting 217 pounds by August 2020.

At that time it was Finn – who also suffering from hair loss, One of the autoimmune disorders that causes hair loss – it has had a tipping point.

“I remember looking in the mirror and thinking ‘Oh, ** how did you get that big? Finn told SWNS.

A woman in sportswear poses for a selfie in the mirror to show weight loss.
Brenda Fenn decided to change her life in 2016 after hitting £217.
Brenda Fenn / Swens

She soon started working at home but realized she needed to change up her diet – and her social media diet – too.

Brenda Fein, 33, from London, lost £80 after deactivating her social media accounts last year.

“Scrolling down, I see endless donuts, ice cream, sugary drinks, and pizza,” Finn said. “It was a constant subliminal message telling me to go and have a snack.”

She added, “When I realized how distracting Facebook and Instagram were about my progress, I shut down from all of it.”

Vin told SWNS that she has deactivated her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so she can focus on losing weight.

Finn weighed 217 pounds in August 2020 and realized that she had to change her lifestyle.

“That was my high point – it was hard to say goodbye to my social media, but it was the best decision I ever made,” said Finn.

Finn explained that once she deleted her social media accounts, she started seeing results.

“I struggled to lose even a few pounds before but once I gave it up [social media]I saw the weight go down,” she said.

Although she started some workouts at home, she also realized she had to change her diet, but social media — with ads and posts about unhealthy snacks — was holding her back.

Side by side comparison with women before and after weight loss.
Brenda Fenn has lost 80 pounds since starting her “Social Media Diet.”
Brenda Fenn / Swens

That’s when she decided to deactivate her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Soon after her accounts were cancelled, she was able to focus on losing weight.

According to SWNS, she learned more about calories, improved her diet and bought some indoor exercise equipment.

A woman taking a selfie with a cell phone camera in the mirror.
Vin told SWNS that she has deactivated her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so she can focus on losing weight.
Brenda Fenn / Swens

In May this year, when she weighed 154 pounds, she looked in the same mirror as she decided to change her lifestyle for the first time in August 2020.

“It was the first time I really acknowledged the weight loss and what I achieved and it felt amazing,” said Finn.

Last month, she reached her goal of 140 pounds. Although she reactivated her Instagram account to celebrate, she said she “can’t handle it,” she told SWNS.

Today, Finn weighs 136 pounds and is working on losing another 10 pounds, according to SWNS.

Today, Finn weighs 136 pounds, and Target weighs 126 pounds.

“I can’t believe how good I feel — I’m fitter, eating a healthier diet and feeling so much more alive,” Finn said of her lifestyle change.

“This completely changed my mindset about food, exercise, and my body,” she added. “Now, I wake up every day feeling fresh and rejuvenated – I never realized I felt heavy before but looking back, I feel like a different person.”

“Deleting social media was the best decision I ever made,” she said.


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