Apple has a fix for the MacBook Notch, but it’s not pretty

Apple MacBook Pro 14 and 16
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The MacBook Pro is one of the most divisive design decisions Apple has made lately. Apple has come up with a temporary solution for apps that don’t work well with the top notch, but it’s far from an ideal solution.

Twitter username Gatodaro Demo the feature and quickly explain how to use it. Basically, when the app doesn’t work well with the notch because the developer hasn’t updated it yet, you can go to the Get info window for the app and click on “Scale to fit the built-in camera below”.

Once you select the option, the screen will shrink and look like an old MacBook with a wider bezel. While not necessarily a pretty solution, it’s better than hiding icons behind a notch, as was recently reported.

Interestingly, the screen will remain zipped until you close the app, so even if it’s minimized, you’ll still see the older styled window.

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Apple also said that the option to scale below the camera will expire if a developer updates their app to work around the issue. Apps can be updated to work better with this area of ​​your screen. If a developer has updated their app for compatibility with your Mac, the Scale to fit under the built-in camera setting won’t appear. Contact the app developer to see if an update is available or planned ” Apple Support Document Notes.

It’s good to see that Apple has a temporary solution. While it’s not the prettiest solution, at least it makes everything work properly so developers can fix their apps.

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