Assistant Director ‘Rust’ implicated in the shooting of Alec Baldwin related to the injury of the 74-year-old actress in 2019.

First assistant director David Holz, who handed Alec Baldwin the prop gun that accidentally killed Helena Hutchins on the set of the Western movie. RustHe was allegedly involved in the injury of the 74-year-old actress in 2019.

Crew members who previously worked with Halls on the film Freedom Road Tell rolling rock The assistant director refused to provide 74-year-old actress Carol Sutton with a crash cover for a scene of her character falling to her knees after learning of the death of another character. She later fell and was injured.

“I remember turning to Dave and being like, ‘Dave, should we get her a crash pillow? “We should get her a crash pad,” assistant camera operator Quinton Rodriguez said. ‘ He said, ‘No, you won’t fall all the way. “So we had like a furniture pillow instead. She ended up falling down completely and injuring herself. A furniture pillow isn’t a pillow you might want to fall on. You have to have a crash pillow. We had stunts on set. It would have taken 60 seconds.”

final date I previously mentioned that Halls was eventually removed and kicked out of Freedom Road After a crew member sustained “a minor and temporary injury when a pistol was unexpectedly unloaded.”

Rodriguez provided Rolling Stone with more information about the incident, saying that the scene featured Civil War-era firearms loaded with enough gunpowder to cause a visible explosion when fired. Hall was responsible for making sure the cannons were completely empty for close-up shots.

“We switched to the close-up in the shot, and obviously the gun hadn’t cleared up to become a ‘cool’ weapon,” he said. “We walked in and, literally to everyone’s surprise, all eight people within 10 feet, the gun ended up shooting straight in the face. boom operator.”

Santa Fe Police are currently investigating the chain of events that led to Hutchins’ death, and no charges have been filed as of publication. The News agency Reports surface that Halls accidentally handed Baldwin a loaded gun during Rust’s rehearsal and told him it was safe to use just before the shooting, court records released last Friday show.


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