Brooke Shields revisits controversial Calvin Klein ad

Brooke Shields ’80s Calvin Klein ads are totally iconic, but she never expected to make fashion history.

The supermodel, 56, has starred in denim ads at just 15 years old, promptly sparking controversy with the sentence, “What comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.”

Many television networks even banned commercials for being too provocative.

“It struck me as so absurd, everything,” Shields Fogg said From the “appalling” reaction.

“I was naive, I didn’t think of anything. I didn’t think it was about underwear, I didn’t think it was sexual in nature.”

As for the infamous advertising slogan? “If they had meant double seduction, they didn’t explain it to me…it didn’t bother me,” she recalls.

Shields said viewers apparently assumed she was “smarter” than she was at the time, adding, “I was a virgin. I was a virgin forever after that…and then it became this thing that people get stuck in.”

The brunette beauty admitted that she has since realized that her ads were more suggestive than she initially thought.

“The choreography was specific and deliberate,” she said. “Yeah, at 56, I can go back and look at the camera and see, ‘Okay, they kind of zoom in on my crotch area and then it comes to my face, okay. “

But, as Shields added: “Sex has been sold off since the dawn of time.”

Today, the mother of two daughters – Rawan, 18, and Jarir, 15 – is proud of the influence of the commercial. In fact, Shields recently teamed up with Calvin Klein once again for a lingerie campaign, showing off more than ever in her teenage years.

“On the one hand, I don’t think you can get away with a lot of what you did in the ’80s now – but along the same lines, a lot more is being done now than we dreamed of doing,” she said.

“And there’s an assimilation of sex now that I definitely didn’t have when I was 15, while now I see teens with different body images, different fears and different insecurities.”

The famous Calvin Klein ad from Brooke Shield
Shields was just a teenager when she became the face of Calvin Klein jeans
Calvin Klein

Daru added, “We were pretty protected from a lot of that at the time. I appreciate being so protected in my naivety, because I feel as if I’ve been relatively unharmed.”


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