Candyman Mark Tarnofsky puts the UES mansion at auction for $4 million

Just in time for Halloween! Candy businessman Mark Tarnovsky of Campus Candy and his wife Sarah put their tiny Upper East Side home up for auction with a minimum bid of $4 million.

The move comes after nearly a decade of trying to sell it the traditional way, as the ground and basement duplexes have been in operation and off the market since 2012.

Its highest order was $6.49 million in 2015. The 4,400-square-foot, two- to three-bedroom home is located at 157 E. 84th St. , a modern limestone and glass building between Lexington and Third Avenue.

It comes with its own entrance on 84th Street, and can also be accessed through the building’s lobby.

The seven-story building was designed in 2007 by the late Costas Condeles, who was best known as the architect Donald Trump. The couple bought the condo for $3.25 million in 2009. The tiny house opens to street level.

The outside surface of the building.
The late Kostas Kondeli designed the building in which Tarnovsky resides.

There is an open plan living room with 13-foot ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, a dining room and an open kitchen for the chef. The ground floor also contains the master bedroom which comes with a small 19ft bamboo covered patio.

A bedroom inside the UES house.
A bedroom inside an 84th Street apartment.
Douglas Elleman

A staircase – with a wine store below – leads to the basement, which has a soundproofed room. There is also a third bedroom/home office separated by opaque pane glass sliding doors.

The kitchen inside the UES house.
The unit has an open kitchen for the chef.
Douglas Elleman
Home theater inside the unit.
Home theater inside the 4,400 square feet UES duplex.
Douglas Elleman

The unit comes with a monthly maintenance fee of $4,632.

Among the building’s past and present residents are Mets star Taijuan Walker, who currently rents the shed, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who lived here before she married singer Nick Jonas.

The sealed bid auction will take place on November 11, says Micha Hakiani, owner of Paramount Realty USA, which sells the home.


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