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Fitbit fans and users Asked For easy access to battery indicators and other alerts for a while now, it’s finally here. this week, Fitbit OS 5.3 . has arrived As a small but useful update for the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3, providing several easily accessible status indicators.

The company has been busy introducing new features, like the release of Google Assistant’s large responses in June, and now it’s moving to smaller but useful usability options.

With the arrival of Fitbit OS 5.3, users will have an easier time accessing important information. For example, instead of scrolling through the watch face tabs for battery status, Do Not Disturb, or phone connectivity, they will now all appear at a glance at the top of the small screen when users turn on the screen.

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When the user turns on the screen quickly, they will see the notification, DnD status, battery levels, and even an icon showing whether the phone is connected to the watch or not. These disappear after three seconds, but to see them again, swipe right to see them at the top of the quick settings screen.

Some users may already have the update for now, while others will get it soon. You can also open the Fitbit app, select your profile from the Today tab, choose your device from the list, and check pink refresh button. Otherwise, it should start putting out more devices (if fully charged) overnight.

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