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Do you use Discord for all your conversations? If so, you should tweak the interface so that it perfectly suits you. Here’s what you need to know.

Discord originally started as an app for players to gather to discuss their favorite games and play together via voice chat. However, Discord has since expanded into a place for any like-minded people to form communities.

Discord has several settings available that you can tweak to customize the look, such as switching to a light theme, making messages more compact, adjusting color saturation, and more.

Here’s how to customize the look of Discord on desktop and mobile.

How to customize the Discord interface

The desktop version of Discord has the widest interface customization options, but the mobile phone also offers some of them. These are divided between appearance And Accessibility lists.

To customize your interface on the Discord desktop:

  1. tap on gear icon at the bottom left.

  2. In the left menu, down App Settings, select either appearance or Accessibility.

To customize your interface on Discord mobile:

  1. swipe right to open the menu.
  2. Click on personal picture at the bottom right.

  3. Down App Settings, select either appearance or Accessibility.

Discord appearance settings

Discord appearance settings

The most relevant interface options are in the Appearance section, so let’s start from there.

Here you can select a topic: dark or a light. The former is the default for Discord, while the latter applies a white/gray color scheme. If you choose Light, you can choose to enable dark sidebar for some variance.

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Next is the message display, which affects how chats appear. You can choose relaxing, which contains wide spaces and displays glyphs, or built If you want to fit as many messages as possible on the screen at one time.

Below are these scaling options: Chat line scalingAnd Space between groups of messages, And Zoom level. Use the sliders to adjust them and you’ll see the changes right away. If you’re not happy, reset the slider to the green one to bring it back to its previous position.

Discord accessibility settings

Discord accessibility settings

Of course, Discord’s Accessibility Settings page offers more than just interface tweaks, but it does have some useful options.

In the first place, you can set a file saturation using the scroll bar. Set it to 0% if you want a full grayscale experience, along with Enable Apply to custom color options Adjust.

Moreover, you can Activate reduced motion If you want to turn off the occasional extreme animations and hover effects in Discord.

Controversy topic just how you like it

While you can’t completely customize every element of Discord, you do get some good flexibility on desktop and mobile to make it look just the way you want it to. Enjoy the settings and you may discover things you didn’t realize Discord offered.

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