Creep gets TikToker’s phone number from dog collar

This is ruff.

The TikTok star was shaken after a predator bought her phone number from her dog’s collar.

Michelle Kimball was rambling on her German shepherd, Nella, near her North Carolina home when she said she was stopped by a friendly-looking man.

Kimble’s cheerful pet dog before asking for a photo of the adorable animal. Kimball thought nothing of the seemingly innocent encounter and continued on her way.

But a few hours later, the blonde waiter got a text message from a stranger trying to chat with her.

I said: I don’t know anyone with that name? How did you get my phone number? ” Interview with Inside Edition. He said, ‘Oh, I took it off your dog’s collar. “

Kimball – who has 2.1 million followers on TikTok – The crawler dog shook it and is now warning other pet owners to be vigilant.

According to safety expert Barb Jordan, perverts make their way to get private details from dog owners all the time, and the Kimball experience is not a rare occurrence.

“We never think that people will use our dogs to get close to us. But predators, they have no boundaries. They have no boundaries,” she said.

A similar incident occurred to Shay Grayson while she was walking her Maltese dog.

Grayson—who didn’t share her location or her dog’s name with Inside Edition—told the news program that a man recently stopped her to ask for a picture of her pups.

Kimball was left shaken by the canine crawler, and now he's warning other dog owners to beware.
Kimball was left shaken by the crawling dogs and is now warning other dog owners to beware.
Courtesy of Inside Edition

But the brunette soon realized that something was skewed.

“I noticed he was holding her dog collar and dog tag and then realized he was actually taking a photo of my address, which was on my dog ​​tag,” Grayson stated.

I quickly chased Crawl and forced him to delete the photos from his phone.

“My house can be broken into. Or whenever I take my dog ​​out one day, there can be either to kidnap my dog ​​or to do something to me. There are a lot of things that can happen with my address in place,” Grayson explained.

Shay Grayson was also the victim of a crawling dog.
Shay Grayson was also the victim of a creepy dog.
Courtesy of Inside Edition

In fact, crawling can pretend to be interested in dogs just to pick up vulnerable women.

Surveys have shown that women are more likely to scroll on a guy’s dating app profile if he’s photographed with a dog.

Meanwhile, some sleazy singles have borrowed puppies from friends to take on walks to make it look like they’re actually dog ​​owners—a practice that The Post once dubbed “Dogfishing.”


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