Flic’s new smart home button comes with a twist – Geek مراجعة review

A hand that operates the Flic Twist smart home button.

When Flic debuted his smart button, I thought we’d finally found the perfect alternative to unreliable (and annoying) voice assistants. But you need more than a simple smart home button if you really want to get rid of Alexa and Google. That’s why Flick is working on a file Twist smart home control, smart home button with a dial that can be turned on many of Custom events and routines.

At its core, Flic Twist is an enhanced version of the original Flic Smart Button. You can press the center button to toggle lights, trigger Alexa actions, or initiate other smart home actions. Then, you can turn on the tweaks to adjust things like the temperature or brightness of the smart bulb, or even change the volume of a connected speaker.

There is also an interesting “Push Rotate” mode for more dedicated smart home launchers. You can press the central button on the Flic Twist while rotating its dial to adjust all the smart lights in your home, for example, or turn off the connected sprinklers.

Programming Flick Twist in the application.

Oh, and here’s something crazy—Flic announced that it’s providing critical support for all of its products in 2022 (starting with Flic Twist). Flic products already offer broad compatibility for LIFX, Philips Hue, Alexa and Sonos devices, but Matter’s global smart home standard will greatly increase Flic’s usability. (Big brands like Google and Apple also stick to Matter.)

The new Flic Twist is wireless, has replaceable AA batteries, and can be installed anywhere in your home. Flic plans to sell the Twist for €99 (about $115) later this year, although you can get the Flic Twist for €79 (about $92) as early as Kickstarter on November 2, 2021.

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