Gorgeous gold clasp chain necklace great gift, 20% off

The holiday season is upon us!

And with a serious supply chain crunch upon us, early shoppers are really going to be wormed…and discounts!

It’s never been more important to do your holiday shopping in advance, and if you have a beautiful lady on your list, you’ll want to snag this deal.

The Maya J Paperclip Series will delight your loved one (or yourself!) with its beauty and simplicity—now on sale at 20% off for just $39.99.

It can be hard to find pieces of jewelry that fit your everyday life. If you’re looking for a necklace that can last from day to night and complement any outfit – casual, elegant or in between – the Maya J Paperclip Series is the perfect solution.

Maya J. Paperclip Series.

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This beautiful necklace features a stunning yellow gold plating and is made of brass material. It comes in a perfect 16″ length, allowing it to fall comfortably around the base of the neck like a collar, and can be tucked under or sitting beautifully over any outfit.

The paperclip design gives this necklace a playful yet subtle touch, making it different from your basic gold chain necklace. It adds a whimsical touch and some unique elegance to any look at any time. And with its simple cut, it really goes with just about anything, that someone special on your holiday gift list can throw it out — and think of you any time they wear it.

Make sure to give a diverse, beautiful and unique gift, just like your loved ones. Give this Maya J Paperclip Chain Necklace, available now for just $39.99 (US$50).


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