Grab Bluetti’s amazing deals on portable power stations this Halloween

Last September, Bluetti rolled out one of its biggest releases of the year; Bluetti AC300 portable power station and B300 external battery to go with it.

Wildmen, ecologists, and nationwide off-grid enthusiasts love Bluetti for many reasons, but the AC300 portable power station has earned a special place in our hearts. This Halloween, Bluetti deals come hard and fast.

It goes on sale worldwide on October 28, 2021. There’s a lot to look forward to if you’re constantly looking for a better alternative power solution.

What is the Bluetti AC300 Portable Power Station?

Bluetti AC300 and B300.

Are you the one who aspires to live off the grid? While many of the comforts of modern life would be forever hard to separate, a weekend getaway is something anyone would benefit from. BlueityThe company’s mission is to provide off-grid power wherever it is needed.

The AC300 portable power station is basically your way of storing energy, green or otherwise. It’s the ultimate survival machine – charge it with the sun, your car, or even propane or gasoline. With this thing in tow, you’ll never be without electricity when you need it.

You can store this energy in one or more Bluetti B300 . Battery Modules, making energy transfer a no-brainer. You can leave the mother ship at home, safely and out of the weather, without ever having to go without in the field. The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells in this portable power station and batteries guarantee over 3,500 life cycles before they reach 80 percent capacity.

Bluetti rates the AC300 as the cornerstone of the perfect life off the grid. What does premium living off the grid mean, exactly?

High-end life off the gridBluetti solar power system.

Living off the grid means living without the help of the local electric utility service. Some make a lifestyle out of this concept, living instead by solar, wind and other green sources alone. How is this even possible?

If you’re concerned about getting off the grid, you’ll need some way to translate the power of the sun into something you can plug your phone into. A power generator or some type of on-site power plant is the only way to do this.

The AC300 is one such marvel that makes life off the grid a viable option for anyone; It’s able to do what it does with something called a sine wave inverter.

This is the part of the device that converts things like solar energy into something that can be used to charge a laptop, for example. It comes with AC Edison ports, a 120V/30A shore power outlet, a 12V/30A DC output, and even USB and Type-C ports for easy access.

The Bluetti AC300 3000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter can receive up to 2400 Watts of solar energy at a time. With four B300s full to the brim, you have a perfectly portable 12,288 watt-hours that you can take with you anywhere.

To give you some perspective, Bluetti mentions everything you can do with 1,000 watt-hours, thanks to the AC300: 15 servings, microwave

  • 15 meals in the microwave

  • 60 hours of light from CFL

  • an hour of heat from a fireplace

  • Six hours of power for a desktop computer

  • Ten hours of using the refrigerator

  • an hour of conditioning

If you’ve ever been camping, you already know that having all of the above has the potential to turn a weekend getaway into a luxurious experience on the frontier. The AC300’s highly portable B300s make it easy to take all this and more on the road. This product is great, even if you’re not necessarily ready to commit to a completely off-the-grid lifestyle.

The AC300 is fully modular and Bluetooth compatible and supports wireless charging of up to four B300 battery cells simultaneously. If you only have two B300 batteries on the hook, the AC300 itself can actually replenish itself by both AC and solar power at the same time, adding an extra 5400 watts to your charging rate. You’ll go from a completely dead cell to 80 percent capacity in just one hour.

If you need more effort and energy, you can easily double both. With the inclusion of the Bluetti Fusion Box Pro, the AC300’s capacity expands to 24,576 Wh.

Halloween deals from Bluetti

The AC300’s first run actually ended up selling out entirely in less than two weeks—now, they’re finally back in stock, and you might be able to save a lot of time on one for Halloween.

The most alluring Offers announced by Bluetti The AC300 packages in the store should be ours, all of which will keep your center unit in good shape.

PV200 package for solar panels and power station

Bluetti PV200 solar panel package.

If you have not yet invested in the infrastructure required to live off the grid, This package Includes three solar panels to get you started. It also charges with a central AC300 hub, as well as two B300 batteries.

Normally, this package will save you $7444 MSRP, but this offer will save you $1745. At $5,699, this all-in-one package is an absolute steal.

Bluetti Fusion Box Pro

Bluetti Fusion Box Pro bundle.

We mentioned the P030A Fusion Box Pro earlier – this accessory allows you to harness the power of two AC300 units simultaneously, usually to provide enough power to support a large appliance, such as a washing machine or space heater.

For separate phase connection, you will need two AC300 power stations, both are included in this luxury home system. It also comes with four B300 batteries. The full package is 25% off during this promotion; You’ll be able to cut it for less than $9,000, which is about $3,000 less than the sticker price.

King Size Master Backup Package

The ultimate off-grid living package.

This is amazing all-inclusive package She takes pride in everything her previous deals do, and then some. You’ll receive twice as many PV200 solar panels, six in total, ensuring you’ll never be stuck with an empty battery when you need it most.

Two power stations, four batteries and the Fusion Box Pro make up the rest of this package. They’re offering the system at a very reasonable $1,099, which is a far cry from the original over $15,000. It’s a great investment if you ultimately want to get your entire family off the grid for good.

Limited Edition EB55

Bluetti EB55 in pumpkin, and dog in matching costume.

When most people think of portable electricity, they first think of something like EB55. This nifty little tool is perfect for camping or emergency situations. Despite its size, it is very stable and sturdy enough to take with you anywhere.

Its solar generator can receive up to 200 watts of solar and AC power input simultaneously. With a maximum capacity of 537 Wh, it’s ready for a walk on the beach in less than an hour, all the way from the basement.

Bluetti releases it in an attractive, limited-edition pumpkin shade for the holiday season, for a smashing record price of $449.

AC200 MAX . Package

Bluetti AC200 MAX.

After the massive success of the Bluetti AC200P in its heyday, the company responded in kind with an upgrade: AC200 Max. This Halloween, the AC200 MAX is $200 off. For a splurge that doesn’t sound like a splurge, time to buy now.

This expandable power plant comes standard with a maximum capacity of 2,048 watt-hours, which promises 3,500 user life cycles before it reaches 80 percent of capacity. It is compatible with both B230 and B300 batteries; When you have two of them connected simultaneously, the maximum capacity of the plant exceeds a total of 8000 watts / h.

The device may receive 1400 cumulative watts of solar energy and AC charging input simultaneously; That 8000 watts per hour will be yours in less than two hours. For $1,899, how could anyone refuse?

Going green this Halloween?

As with any decision, it is always best to start small. Reducing your dependence on the network starts at home today; With just a few solar panels and a reliable generator, the transition to your new alternative lifestyle will seem seamless. Everything matters and Bluetti is here with everything you need this fall.

If you’re ready to make the change yourself, the sale will run from October 28 through November 4. You can find all the details listed here on the Bluetti website; Make sure to place your order as quickly as possible, as supplies are limited and in high demand.

With the right equipment, sustainable life doesn’t have to suck. Suddenly, going off the grid feels less like time travel to the dark ages.

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