How QB Giants Daniel Jones feels about the viral outbreak

Yes, Daniel Jones has seen your memes.

And yes, he admits, it’s pretty funny.

“My friends and family got kicked out of him,” the Giants midfielder said in an appearance on Podcast “All In with Art Stapleton”.

Hunt Giants Daniel Jones
Giants qusrterback Daniel Jones spread out again on Sunday after catching him with one hand.
Robert Sabo

“So everything is fine.”

Jones made his wide debut last year, when he stumbled amid 80 yards, costing the Giants six points but blessing the internet with a video that will live forever.

“Definitely try to avoid those moments, but yeah, it’s a fun part of it,” Jones said. “Part of playing in New York for the Giants. So I enjoy it.”

The Giants quarterback set fire to again last Sunday, when he ran into a one-handed obstacle on a pass from wide receiver Dante Pettis. So, once again, his phone lit up with memes.

“A lot of those memes popped up on Sunday, but they’ve definitely calmed down since then,” Jones said. “It’s fun, it’s funny, but like I said, we’re focused on Kansas City.”


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