How to post to Instagram from a PC or Mac

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Instagram is mainly used on smartphones, but you can also use it in your desktop browser on Windows or Mac. For years this only meant displaying your feed and messages, but it can also be used to upload photos as well.

In October 2021, Instagram added the long-awaited ability to post to Instagram from the site. You get almost all the same filters and editing tools that you can find in a file Iphone And Android The app too. Let’s check it out.

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First, head to In a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari. Log in with your Instagram account if you are not already.

Sign in to Instagram.

Next, click on the + icon in the upper right corner.

The first thing to do is to click on “select from computer” and choose an image from the file manager.

click "Select from the computer."

After that, there are two options. You can adjust the aspect ratio, enlarge the image, or add more images to create a slideshow. Click Next when the image is ready.

Edit the image and click "the following."

You can now choose a filter or make some other adjustments to the photo, just as you would in the mobile app. Click Next when the image looks good.

Add and adjust filters, then tap "the following."

Finally, type a comment in the text box, add a location if desired, and click Share!

Add details then "Participate."

Thats all about it! You can now post photos to your Instagram feed directly from your Windows PC, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS. This is especially useful for uploading photos that you’ve transferred to your computer, such as from a digital camera.

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