How to request a refund on Ubisoft Connect

If you accidentally make a purchase at Ubisoft Connect, you can get a refund automatically. Here’s how and what are the terms of refund.

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If you accidentally purchased a game on Ubisoft Connect, you may be able to take it back and get all your money back. However, Ubisoft’s refund policy is strict, and there are specific conditions that you need to meet to receive a refund.

Here is the Ubisoft Connect refund policy and how to get a refund for your game if you qualify.

What is the Ubisoft Connect refund policy?

Ubisoft’s refund policy is not lenient or generous, unlike Steam’s refund process. To get a refund for a Ubisoft Connect game, you must:

  • Request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

  • The game has never been released before.

This is correct. Even starting the game for a minute can automatically void your right to a refund.

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There are exceptions to this. You can cancel the pre-order at any time until launch. Also, purchases made through in-game stores, such as DLC, currency, and costumes, are not eligible for refunds.

Finally, if you’ve been banned from a game, violated Ubisoft’s Terms of Service, or abused the refund system, you may also be ineligible for a refund.

How to get money back for a game on Ubisoft Connect

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  1. Launch Ubisoft Connect.

  2. From the top menu, tap a store.

  3. scroll down. Down Arithmetic, click My requests.

  4. Click on the order you wish to redeem.

  5. If you meet the requirements for a refund, you can click Ask for a refund.

  6. use the Select your reason drop down menu to choose why you want a refund.

  7. click Complete.

  8. Choose your refundable payment method.

  9. click Sure.

  10. Your refund request will be reviewed, and the decision will be delivered via email (usually instant). If you are accepted, you will receive a refund within a few days.

If your game is not eligible for a refund through this automatic method, try calling Ubisoft Support. They may give you an exception – such as if you can’t run the game for technical reasons – although this is not guaranteed.

Ubisoft Connect’s refund policy isn’t great

Ubisoft Connect’s refund policy is not as lenient as competitors like Steam, Epic Games and GOG. All these game stores allow you to play the game for a short period of time without voiding your right to a refund. As such, if a refund policy is important to you when purchasing PC games, you may want to avoid Ubisoft Connect.

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