How to stay productive when working from home with a dog

Being able to work from home when you have a dog has its benefits. You don’t need to hire a dog walker, no need to rush through traffic to take care of your loyal friend, and you will be able to spend more quality time with them.

However, it can also have its downsides, especially if she’s such a bundle of energy and keeps barking when she’s in meetings. So what can you do about it? Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can stay productive in your home office while managing your dog’s schedule.

Accept that dog ownership is a challenge

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Unless you have a calm, perfectly behaved dog with minimal exercise needs, you know that being a dog parent can be challenging. When you combine that with working at home, it can cause chaos and distraction, which is perfectly normal.

First things first, you have to accept that dog ownership is a process, and figuring out what helps will be a bit of trial and error. It is useful if you are able to define what your work week is like, and how you arrange your time, but it is not necessary.

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Acknowledge all the hard work you put in, and reach out to other dog owners to share your experiences and ideas. See if there are local dog meeting groups you can join on Facebook, and test your skills on Google to find pet forums. A common problem is a problem half in half, as the saying goes!

Play soothing music to calm your pup

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Soothing music can be a very effective way to calm a dog during the day, and it has also been shown to reduce anxiety levels in animals. The added advantage is that music works with humans as well, and you may find that it enables you to stay calm and focused while you work.

Youtube It has loads of free soundtracks that are relaxing for your pup, many of which play continuously for hours. Just go to YouTube and search شريط bar, type “soft music for dogs” to display a list of options. Try them out and see which one you enjoy.

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Alternatively, if you and your favorite dogs want something a little more organized, you can find audio files for calming dogs spotify Or your favorite podcast site. This way you can mix up the tracks fairly, so you don’t listen to the same thing every day.

Make dog walking fruitful

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Having a 30-minute lunch break isn’t always enough time to exercise your Fido, especially for larger breeds. What you can do, however, is schedule work on your afternoon walk. If you work from home, you already have some autonomy in terms of where you do your job, why not do something out of the garden?

You can reply to emails on the go, and use this time as an administrative hour. You’ll be able to clear your inbox and clear your mind, breaking down periods of inactivity to help you achieve your exercise goals.

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Many companies use Outlook Office or Exchange as their default email platform, and you can access this on your phone from Microsoft Office web page. If you need a specific web portal to log in, you can usually request the link for that from your boss.

However, if all this fails, you can forward your work emails to a dedicated personal email account by going to Settings > View all Outlook settings > Email sync > Other email accounts.

Plan ahead for dog activities

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Keeping your dog occupied while attending meetings and managing your to-do list is a must. Your furry-haired friend needs mental stimulation just as much as physical movement, and it tires him out too.

A healthy alternation of toys and treats goes a long way in keeping your pet happy, and there are a number of excellent dog subscription boxes that can do just that for you. There are also some great apps for dog owners that can give you ideas on keeping your puppy engaged, which can be helpful for keeping puppies around the clock.

Whether you use these things or not, it is practical to plan some activities in advance. During your spare time, make a list of activities your dog enjoys and store it away from a busy work day. Then, when they need some attention, you can refer to this list of activities to get a quick idea.

Badlet It is a perfect app for this, as it acts as a digital board that you can add to whenever you want. You can make your own plans or include links from the web for inspiration.

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It is also helpful to identify your furry friend’s energy patterns. Are they more lively at a certain time of the day? Did they have short bursts of zoom or did they experience periods of anxiety? Once you know their schedule, you can plan your work assignments around it.

Set aside some time in your diary for “doggy time,” so you can anticipate her climax by taking her for a walk or playing a game of tug of war. On the other hand, if they are prone to resistance to sleep and rest, you can create breaks in the schedule for your busy times of the day. Enforcing some downtime on dogs for an hour while you attend a meeting keeps you stress-free and gives them a chance to relax.

Maintain a good balance between work and dogs

Having a comfortable companion is one of the greatest pleasures you can have, with their unfounded loyalty and endless embrace. They can even serve as a companion in the office to unload when you are stressed. All that goodness deserves some attention, and when you can’t give it, it’s only fair to give him something to do.

With the above tips, you will be equipped with the tools to manage your dog’s demands and keep them occupied, while keeping you productive at work all the time. Plus, along the way, you may choose some of your own unique ways to balance everything out.

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