Hugh Jackman cuts off his nose in rehearsal for “Music Man”

His rehearsal was cut a little.

Hugh Jackman redefined “scene cut” after accidentally cutting off his nose with a hat while rehearsing for his upcoming role in “The Music Man” on Broadway. Australian movie star revealed The surprising accident in a Instagram video Posted Wednesday.

The raucous clip begins with Jackman, 53, playing Harold Hill in the revival of the popular musical, tipping his boat cap as he dances apparently for the show.

“So, people have been making comments to me, like, ‘Do you have another biopsy of your nose? What happened to your nose?’” said the two-time Tony Award winner before leaning into the camera and boasting about his unintended job. “Well, the truth is, this thing looked like a gun and it literally hit me in the face and slashed me in the nose.”

Jackman continued, “So, ‘The Music Man’ might turn into a James Bond movie. What was that character? Odd job? Yeah, somebody gave me a little meme Oddjob.”

The “The Prestige” star also posted a warning comment for theatergoers “sitting in the first five or six rows” to be on the lookout for a flying boat.

Although Jackman’s injury seemed harmless, Jackman’s injury unsettled viewers, who pleaded with the playwright to take better care of his handsome mug.

“Practice makes perfect, Hugh!” Said one concerned fan. “But please protect that angelic face!”

Fortunately, Jackman seemed to be fine after the unfortunate incident.
Fortunately, Jackman appeared to be fine after the accident.
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Another wrote: “I’ll be sure to get ready to catch him next, but please be careful. Your face is precious.”

One comedian on social media joked, referring to Jackman’s portrayal of the resurgent superhero in the “X-men” series:

The revival of “The Music Man” will open at the Winter Garden Theater on December 20. The production marks Jackman’s first Broadway appearance since his starring in “The River” in 2014.

"music man" The revival begins December 20 at the Winter Garden Theatre.
The revival of “The Music Man” begins December 20 at the Conservatory Theatre.
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