Juma Williams bid 2022 against New York Governor Hochhol

Albany — New York City Attorney General Juman Williams — a progressive Democrat — has filed papers with the state Board of Elections to run in the primaries against Governor Cathy Hochhol next June, jumping on state Attorney General Letitia James, who is expected to announce her own challenge to the governor.

Williams formally formed the Governor’s Campaign Committee for New York and submitted papers to the NYSBOE on October 18, after he announced last month that he had created an exploratory bidding committee. deposit was first mentioned By the Albany Times Association.

The left-leaning Brooklyn politician, who is awaiting re-election to his current position on November 2, has been contacting donors and backers in recent weeks, and his early entry is gearing up for official announcements of the nomination from other possibilities, The Post reports. his rivals.

Williams has conducted an unsuccessful initial challenge against Hushul for Governor General of 2018. He is also a candidate for re-election next year as Solicitor General.

James — another Brooklyn Democrat — is expected to announce her own campaign within the coming days, insiders familiar with her plans told The Post on Wednesday night.

Kathy Hoshol.
Governor Kathy Hochhol is ahead of her potential rivals, Juman Williams and Letitia James, in early polls.
J.N. Miller

James and his allies made calls to notify individuals of her plans, and developed months-long speculation that a strong Democrat would also pose a challenge against Hochul.

If James is elected, she will be the first black woman to serve as governor of New York as well as any other state in the country.

Other potential candidates include outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio – also of Brooklyn – and Democratic Representative from Long Island Tom Suzzi.

Early polls in the race showed Hochul ahead of her potential rivals – a recent Marist Institute poll showed the governor leading James 44 percent to 28 percent while Williams has a 13 percent lead in a three-way match.

Letitia James.
Attorney General Letitia James is expected to announce her challenge to the governor’s office.
Richard Drew/AFP

In a four-way race that includes disgraced, a former governor. Andrew Cuomo — where the exiled Paul has resurfaced over the past several weeks to attack the toes of James’ sexual harassment report — led Hushul James 36-24, with Cuomo at 19 percent and Williams at 9 percent.

In a separate poll conducted by Siena College, Hochul received 39 percent of the registered Democratic vote. James had 20 percent, de Blasio 10 percent, and Williams eight percent.

Meanwhile, sources speculate that having both James and Williams in the race will put pressure on Democrats in New York City, and especially in Brooklyn, forcing them to choose between the pair.

But Brooklyn Democratic Party chairwoman Rodenzi Pichot Hermelin indicated Wednesday night that she could lend her own support behind the AG — in what would amount to a strong endorsement.

Juman Williams.
Juman Williams fought an initial, unsuccessful challenge against Governor Cathy Hochhol for the 2018 governor-general position.
William Farrington

“New York State just welcomed its first female governor, Kathy Hochhol, and now we have the possibility to welcome the nation’s first black female governor,” she said in a statement.

Our country will have an enormous role in decision-making in 2022, given that we have many allies running in this governor’s race. Brooklyn will finally be able to elect a governor who will empower and uplift all Brooklyn residents.”

Meanwhile, Hochul has been raising cash hard ahead of a possible primary in June 2022.

She has garnered many endorsements from Democratic leaders in the northern counties as well as the personal endorsement of New York State Democratic President Jay Jacobs – also a well-known ally of Cuomo.


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