Russell Westbrook’s angry expulsion ends the Lakers’ pathetic night

Russell Westbrook’s first hat-trick was overshadowed by Laker by two techniques and an ejection in Wednesday’s loss to the Thunder.

Back in Oklahoma City, Westbrook was thrown with seconds to go in the game when he got into trouble with fast dunk Darius Bazley. Thunder, at that point, was as high as five.

Westbrook pointed at Bazley and shouted over and over, “Don’t do that,” as he walked toward him. Players from both teams separated the brawl before things escalated.

Westbrook received his second technical foul of the night, which resulted in him being fired.

“How do I play the game, I’m old school,” Westbrook explained On why he reacted to Bazley’s immersion. “And when it happens like this, I don’t let it slip.

“In basketball, there are certain things you don’t do. Like in baseball, you don’t flip the bat. There are certain things you don’t do in sports when the game is already over. And I didn’t like it. So easy.”

It was a disappointing night for the new club the Lakers, who added 12 new names in the season – including Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony. Los Angeles failed to maintain its 26-point lead, and blew three-point late chances to secure the win.

Westbrook, who took more minutes in the absence of injured LeBron James (right leg), scored a quad of sorts with 20 points, 14 rebounds, 13 assists — and 10 turnovers.

Russell Westbrook of the Lakers
Russell Westbrook of the Lakers
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“It’s my fault, it’s my fault,” he said when asked about his turnarounds in the Lakers’ 123-115 loss to the OKC. The surprise came a few days after Westbrook made nine turns in his victory over the Grizzlies.

“I have to take care of the ball,” Westbrook said. “Too many accidents allowed. It’s my fault. Leave it on me. But I’ll take care of it. I know it. And keep the game simple. Because we need that property, especially in games like this.”

The win was OKC’s first team win at the start of the season.

The Lakers host the Cavaliers on Friday. It is not clear if James will return after missing two games with a right leg injury. It is considered day by day.


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