‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ video clips explain the show doesn’t look like Star Trek-y ‘by design’

The most surprising thing about the new Paramount + and Nickelodeon series Star Trek: Miracle is how little feeling Star Trek. Set off on a prison planet in the Delta Quadrant, a group of teenage aliens struggle with a lack of a common language, and even a lack of common goals. But what unites them is the discovery of a spacecraft belonging to the Federation, which is USS Protostar, which they use to escape from the planet in the show pilot.

But in case you spend most of your hour-long kick-off wondering if you’re even watching a Star Trek Series? This is on purpose.

“It was all done by design,” miracle Dan Hagman, the show’s co-host, told Decider during a recent press day. “We wanted to create characters from outside Star Trek The universe… That’s why we put them in the Delta Quadrant.”

For those not in the know, the Delta Quadrant is until far away Far from Alpha Quadrant, setting up most files Star Trek Series and movies except Star Trek: Voyager. The only contact there is a hologram version of VoyagerCaptain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) who will help guide them in the ways of Starfleet. It wasn’t until those last moments of the pilot, when you start hearing that familiar music, that you start to feel Star Trek… Even the title sequence is preserved to the end.

“You don’t need to know Star Trek To fall in love with these characters,” Hagman continued. “And then once you fall in love with these characters, then all of a sudden you can go to Star Trek universe and you will be able to understand. You will be able to relate through these characters… [It’s starting] From scratch in a world they know nothing about [about]Then take them into this world.”

Part of sabotaging it Star Trek The feeling is also through the original characters and alien races. While co-presenter Kevin Hageman was teased that the mysterious purple bubble creature Murf (Dee Bradley Baker) might not be as unknown as you’d expect (“You don’t know what Murf is yet,” he pointed out), main villain The Diviner (John Noble) and his daughter Gwen (Ella Purnell) are Vau N’Akat, a whole new kind of Star Trek.

“Out of respect for design and concept… We just want the newcomers to have as much of it as possible miracle Director Ben Hibbon added. “It was really important for everyone to start from scratch and build together.”

When the first episode begins, The Diviner has restricted the use of translators, meaning everyone speaks their own language. Kevin Hageman called it the “Tower of Babel,” adding that it’s important to note The Diviner’s frequent declaration to prisoners: “Hope has no purpose here.”

“We wanted to start these kids far from Starfleet and from the Federation,” he added.

In the end, though, like the best of me Star TrekAnd miracle It is about teamwork through communication, rather than fighting.

“If you are going to really teach young people what to do, you have to understand how they are motivated, what they think, what frightens them, what reassures them and what will help them the most,” Mulgrew noted. “So everyone is learning at the same time, it’s a great dynamic.”

Dan Hagman has been added, to tease what’s next as he leads the new crew Protostar“What is fundamental to the operation of the bridge? You need connectivity, you need proper protocols, you need to understand the sequence of commands. These are things these kids will learn.”

Star Trek: Miracle Thursday streams at Paramount+.

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