Take note AOC – Kyrsten Sinema’s bad style actually makes a statement

Now we all know the tale of socialist Cinderella, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hitting the red carpet at the Met Gala to shine with the rich and powerful in an expensive couture gown emblazoned with the phrase “Wealthy Tax.”

If it was a decorating effort to show solidarity with its working-class constituents, it looked like he’s getting “Yas Queen” shots of fictional people inside the opulent museum.

Step into Kyrsten Sinema who basically said, “Hold my Keystone Light… and the Marlboro Reds.”

This week, the 45-year-old presided over the Senate in a denim jacket, looking like the long-lost Ponyboy sister who worked as a manager at JC Penney. It was neither sophisticated nor particularly elegant.

But it showed what Roseanne’s producers have known for years: People like a little bit of working-class grease. And, believe it or not, that jacket was more attached to a larger area of ​​the country than the elite gatekeepers allowed.

AOC thought her dress
AOC thought her “Tax the Rich” dress had a political impact.
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Sinema makes her way to the Senate in a denim jacket, looking like the long-lost Ponyboy sister who worked as a manager at JC Penney.
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Hey, if you’re going to point at clothes in the midst of an increasingly nervous standoff over a trillion dollar bid, at least shop at the mall, not the floor in Bergdorf where you only need a credit check to get in.

The Arizona Democratic senator has always carried her papers close to her jacket, and that has long been a major source of frustration and anger for her party colleagues. The fact that her jacket this week was denim, not a crepe or perhaps a nice wool blend, prompted the left to break down the level of wire hanger Joan Crawford. (Think of Obama’s brunette suit on steroids.)

Sinema rocks a pastel wig and white knee-high boots
Sinema rocks a pastel wig and white knee-high boots.
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Especially now that she is standing firm in her opposition to Biden’s gas-free plan.

The sleeveless denim number has been the red meat of her political rivals and the fashion police, as jokes and criticism spread on social media. CNN contributor and political commentator Anna Navarro tweeted That only a white girl could get away with wearing such a thing and be taken seriously, let alone be elected. It was a strange criticism that no one left it for her, not least Navarro.

Sinema is a classic accessory that pairs her thick glasses with dangling earrings.
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While disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill, who has a strong aversion to dressing together around the staff, she tweeted, “I hate to chase Sinema for her clothes when there are so many legitimate things to attack but this jacket is really awful.”

Ironically, Hill has also been outspoken about the “sexual” pressure on female candidates to get the right clothes to be taken seriously.

Sinema remains a mystery, sometimes wrapped in some very questionable clothes.
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Fashion is still a major feature of life in Washington, DC. First ladies (with the exception of Melania Trump) and politicians with a D attached to their names have replaced models and stars in the pages of Vogue. A forensic analysis of the style within the Beltway and how the power of the image is used.

Cinema may not be exempted from this. Especially since its strings are often the loudest in the room and a study in contrast.

Sinema wears feminine chunky floral glasses
Sinema wears feminine floral oversized sunglasses.

She wore a candy-colored wig favored by cosplayers, 1950s dresses and coats with a vintage look that suggested she was the wife of Stafford and over-the-knee boots formerly known as “fk me boots.” She’s a classic accessory pairing her thick glasses with dangling earrings and Wilma Flintstone bead necklaces (pick one up, please).

What is a telegraph? Well, her style, just like hers, silently screams that she is a complete and absolute wildcard guided by inner conviction. She doesn’t care about your rules, nor the expectations the party or the partisans have placed upon her.

or like Writer Stephen Miller, one of my favorite Twitter followers, often says, “She’s naughty.”

Cinema wears a candy-colored wig inside the US Capitol.
Stephanie Reynolds / Getty Images

Sinema remains a mystery, sometimes wrapped in some very questionable clothes. While her contemporaries hit social media, do Reddit AMAs and do regular household chores, she’s a closed book. And nothing is more intriguing — or infuriating, depending on your side — than people who don’t give up on everything.

Yes, the AOC always looks shiny and polished. But Sinema knows how to dress for a bottle-breaking bar brawl in Double Deuce, and in a combat city like DC, I’d put my money on a denim jacket any day.


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