Thai police say a woman cut the rope while carrying the painters 26 stories high

A resident of a high-rise apartment building in Thailand cut the support rope of two painters, apparently not being told they were doing work, leaving them hanging above the 26th floor until a couple rescued them, police said Wednesday. .

The woman faces charges of attempted murder and property destruction, Paul. Colonel Pongjak Prishakarunpong, chief of the Pak Kret police station north of the Thai capital, told the Associated Press.

Pongjak did not say what prompted the suspect to cut the rope, but Thai media reported that she was apparently disappointed when staff members showed up outside her room and did not see an announcement from the apartment that they would be doing work on October 12.

A video on social media showed two painters asking residents on the 26th floor to open the window and let them in. One of the painters, a Myanmar national named Song, told Thai media that he and his two friends had lowered themselves from the 32nd floor to fix a crack in the building.

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