The 9 Best Luggage Brands for Every Traveler in 2021

Pack your bags, the world is yours again.

For many of us, it’s been nearly two years without travel but with vaccination rates on the rise in many states, people are starting to feel more comfortable leaving their homes.

But before you hit the ground running and embark on your next trip, it can be a good idea to know what kind of shape your old bag is in. If you decide it’s time for an upgrade after going upstairs, we’ve got you covered!

With so many different brands and styles on the market, choosing your next travel bag can be a challenge. There are a lot of things to consider: design, warranty, overall quality (zippers, wheels and handles) and then of course the perfect interior space that meets your needs and requirements of the airline.

Keep reading to find out which luggage brands we consider the best!

tommy luggage

Tommy, the baggage tag that Charlie Clifford founded in 1975 after a stint with the Peace Corps in Peru, has been a people favorite for decades. The brand offers a variety of bag sizes ranging from weekend bags (with and without wheels) to oversized duffle bags. Plus, they have a five-year warranty on most of their products.

Baggage Away
Fabian Oren

Away Luggage is another fan-favorite luggage company that has become very popular among millennials since the company launched in 2015. They sell tons of different bags but are known for their luxurious carry-on bags that come with a portable and limited charger. Lifetime Warranty.

CalPak . Travel Baggage

CalPak sells tons of awesome bags in fun patterns, durable designs, and quality. It also provides Luggage sets Affordable – many of them are currently 30% off!

Beis . Travel Luggage

Launched by actress Shay Mitchell in 2018, Peace Travel features a variety of trendy and stylish luggage pieces for many different occasions and purposes.

Samsonite luggage

Samsonite bags collection consists of hard shell, soft shell, spinners, duffle and many other bags at a great price. Currently presenting the brand 25% of best sellers, very. Bonus!

American Tourister Luggage

American Tourister is one of the oldest companies on our list (founded in 1933!) and is a simple, effective and budget-friendly brand. They sell pretty much every style and size bag you are looking for and you enjoy too Disney And “star Wars”Inspired groups!

Monos . luggage

Monos is a Canadian company that considers itself the “luggage apple” due to its simple design. The brand has a slew of options, including the award-winning Carry-On bag.

Most of their products are made with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell, TSA approved lock, quiet wheels, vegan leather details, and all premium materials. Plus a lifetime warranty and a 100-day trial!

goyard luggage

If you’re not constrained on a budget, Goyard is a great brand that sells luxury luggage (for a pretty penny!). You can buy used parts from The Luxury Closet.

Louis Vuitton luggage

Louis Vuitton bags are another splurge but totally worth the price. The high-end brand offers duffle bags, roll bags in many sizes and more. The Luxury Closet It has a lot of old options at a discount.

For more online recommendations, check out our New York Post Shopping section.


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