The Great World Championship of David Ortiz

David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez cover the Fox World Championships.
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The Sports Business Journal and The New York Post have released the fourth episode of a new podcast hosted by the industry’s best sports media reporter, John Orand of The Post’s Andrew Marchand SBJ.

Among this week’s topics:

  • Whether Amazon will become a major player in sports media, reasons behind NFL’s high ratings, rating prospects for the World Championship, and the pros and cons of the NHL’s streaming media rights deal.
  • In their regular “Who’s up, who’s down” clip, Marchand praises David Ortiz for his television work, while Orand points to the NFL, which is in a prime position to once again cash in on the Sunday Ticket rights. The hosts also discuss Joe Buck’s career and how long the broadcast will last.

New episodes of “The Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast” premiere every Wednesday.

The audio podcast is available at spotifyAnd An apple and other podcast platforms. The video version is presented by SBJ.TV And on the Post.

Each episode includes Marchand and Orand’s take on the biggest topics in sports media, as well as their picks for the week’s top calls, and who’s in the media’s ups and downs.


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