‘The View’ hosts tore up Congress over weak Rebuild the Best Act

In today’s episode of the view, ABC talk show hosts tore Congress off by cutting “the things everyone wants” from President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better package scheme, including paid family leave, Medicare expansion, a “billionaire tax” and a free community college.

Joy Behar called the plan’s lack of paid family leave, saying Democrats are supposed to be the party of families. “The Republican Party doesn’t give an idea of ​​capturing rats or they would be behind them. But they are not,” she said. “So the Democrats are falling short now because [Joe] Mansion and [Kyrsten] Cinema”.

Meanwhile, Sunny Houston said she’s glad the plan still includes funding for hospice and health care, because many American families can’t afford hospice care. “It must be right. [Senior citizens have] They’ve paid taxes their whole life,” mediator Whoopi Goldberg interjected. “And now [the government says], “Well, I don’t know how much money will be available for Social Security.” Can you stop taking our money… and leave a little for us? “

“We must take care of our most vulnerable people, our children and our adults,” Houston added. “We don’t do that.”

Although guest host Ana Navarro lamented the loss of the free community college, she praised Biden for continually negotiating with Mansion and Cinema, lobbying in Congress, and attending Democratic caucus meetings. “I’m celebrating it [the bill isn’t] she died “.

Sarah Haines has called on Congress for Congress’ inability to make prescription drug prices easier, as well as rolling back the “billionaire tax.”

There are 700 billionaires in this country. “You take a fraction of a percentage, and they can solve the problems in this country,” she said. “And we protect them, ‘We don’t want to get in the way of their success.’ And they outshine their success.

Navarro conducted an excavation of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and his commercial space company Blue Origin, adding: “It would be great if these billionaires were spending on Earth instead of spending billions on space to give a level playing field to a country that gave them the opportunity to get rich.”

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