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Wyze announced a slew of new products this week in celebration of its fourth birthday, and now we’re learning about some of the highly anticipated new software features that are coming soon. Perhaps the most notable is the web view of the camera, which is owned by users wanted for yearsNot to mention a new AI-powered security subscription.

Using the webcam view, owners will be able to watch live streams and recorded videos from their Wyze Cam from any web browser. However, there is a small problem. This will only be available with a Cam Plus subscription. However, it’s a useful feature we’ve wanted for years, and now it’s finally on the way.

Additionally, the company mentioned that the webview will be available as a demo version of Cam Plus while they assess their costs, so there is a chance it will be available to everyone later down the road.

Then, Wyze also confirmed a brand new subscription option that they’re calling Cam Plus Pro. With a Pro subscription, you get all the benefits of Cam Plus, with the addition of a professional home security system. With Pro, Wyze Cams will arm/disarm, detect people and trigger alerts to a professional dispatch agent. Essentially, it provides the ability to detect the person and claim security, if necessary.

Users won’t need some sort of security hub, or additional sensors or cameras either. Instead, all you need is a Wyze camera and a Cam Plus Pro subscription, which makes already affordable cameras even better. The company has yet to announce pricing for the Cam Plus Pro, but there is a registration waiting list for those interested as soon as it becomes available.

What’s interesting about this step is that Wyze already offers a traditional security system service, which is $5 per month for professional monitoring. However, this new plan may be more affordable and ideal for smaller homes or apartments, especially when all you need is $36 for a Wyze camera to get started.

Unfortunately, Wyze hasn’t shared many details about the Cam Plus Pro service yet, such as which cameras it will work with or how it will interact with Wyze’s usual security system. Either way, these are two exciting new options that users can appreciate.

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