4 reasons why buying an iPhone 13 is better than an iPhone 13 Pro

Apple sells its line of iPhone 13 smartphones at multiple prices, and if you’re in the market for a $800-$1,000 smartphone, you might find it difficult to choose between the standard iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro.

While the iPhone 13 Pro brings better hardware to the table, is it really worth the $200 premium over the standard iPhone 13? Here, we’ll give you four reasons why we think the iPhone 13 is actually a better buy than the iPhone 13 Pro.

1. iPhone 13 is cheaper

iPhone 13 on the desk

Let’s get rid of the pricing. Unlike the iPhone 12, the standard iPhone 13 comes with 128GB of storage for the base model, just like the more expensive iPhone 13 Pro. This means that for the same $799 price tag as before, you’ll get twice as much storage as the iPhone 12. You’re not making any sacrifices in the storage department just because you didn’t accept the Pro model.

For an extra two hundred dollars with the iPhone 13 Pro, you get a third telephoto camera, an extra 2GB of RAM, a LiDAR scanner, and the new 120Hz ProMotion display, which is also a bit brighter. Now, you have to ask yourself if you will take advantage of all these devices. Unless you’re a power user, or really into photography, buying the standard iPhone 13 would be even better.

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2. iPhone 13 may have better battery life

On paper, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have similar battery performance, although the standard model has a higher battery capacity. However, the iPhone 13 Pro’s battery life will depend heavily on the content you watch due to the ProMotion display, which dynamically adjusts the refresh rate.

So, if you play a lot of games or watch high frame rate videos frequently, your iPhone 13 Pro battery will drain faster. However, since the standard iPhone 13 refresh rate is locked to 60Hz no matter what you do, its battery may not drain as quickly while consuming similar content.

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3. iPhone 13 shows fewer fingerprints

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iPhone 13 Pro models feature a stainless steel band around the edges, which can attract fingerprints within seconds of holding one in your hand. Fortunately, that’s not an issue with the standard iPhone 13, as it uses an aluminum strip that does a great job of resisting fingerprints.

This aluminum is good at resisting minor scratches as well, while the iPhone 13 Pro models will collect a lot of small scratches over time, even if you’re very careful. On the flip side, the standard iPhone 13 models feature a plain glass back that isn’t as resistant to fingerprints as the frosted back on the iPhone 13 Pro.

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4. You get brighter color options with iPhone 13

iPhone 13 colors

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If you look at the iPhone 13 Pro models, you have limited color options, and they are all muted colors. For example, the new Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro is not as bright as it appears in the product photos; Instead, it looks more like a bluish-gray color.

However, if you look at the standard iPhone 13, you have six bright color options to choose from, ranging from blue to product red. So, if you want an iPhone that stands out in public, the standard iPhone 13 is the way to go.

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The standard iPhone 13 is the most practical iPhone

iPhone 13 Pro models with all the bells and whistles are not suitable for most people. Unless you want a bulky smartphone or want high-end tech, the standard iPhone 13 makes more sense, especially at its starting price of $799. Performance-wise, you don’t miss out on anything, as you get the same A15 chip with unparalleled performance. Plus, you still get some of the best Pro features, like the new Cinematic Mode.

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