7 Movies Like “Paranormal Activity” to Watch This Weekend

supernatural activity Hardcore, after six long years of no movies from the stills-found franchise, the wait is finally over: Next kin Landed on Paramount+. Having run a bone-chill marathon with all 7 films, you’ll definitely be in for a bit more action to keep you entertained this weekend. If you can’t find enough to watch in streaming recommendations and screaming, we have some other movies to recommend if you like them supernatural activity.

Paranormal Activity: Closest Relatives It promises to be one of the scariest franchise establishments yet. The film follows a woman’s quest to find her mother’s missing secrets, only to uncover a family tragedy that occurred years ago. Filled with strange cults, scary kids games and more, Next kin This is where you should start watching Halloween parties.

And yet? Turn the lights on and get someone to let you squeeze their arm – here are seven movies like supernatural activity To watch this weekend.


The Blair Witch Project
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Released in 1999, The Blair Witch Project It’s the stills movie that’s been found all along, and has definitely had an impact on supernatural activity series as we know it today. After three student filmmakers, the film sets off in a quiet town in Maryland. The trio find and meet Rustin Barr, a hermit in the woods who has kidnapped and murdered children in his basement years ago.

Where do you watch The Blair Witch Project


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Host It is a newer version of the found footage, mixing elements of the new genre of screen movie. if you think supernatural activity It was scary, just wait until you get a whiff of a terrifying epidemic-marked flick. The entire movie takes place over *shivers* Zoom, which must be a relic of the world’s darkest years to date. When a group of girls try to have an online ritual session, chaos occurs.

Where do you watch Host


Unfriendly feature
Universal Pictures

not a friend Combines found footage with technophobia. The horror is set in 2014 entirely on Skype, after a group of bullies who are excited in high school as they spend their weekly time online. When a random user joins without any video, they are tormented by the antics and games the person drags them through. One by one, they were all killed while still on Skype, and had to watch each other’s horrific deaths in real time.

Where do you watch not a friend


Cloverfield 2008
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Want a little supernatural element in your found thriller movie? look no further than Cloverfield, a Matt Reeves monster movie set amid an apocalyptic event in New York City. The film revolves around six New Yorkers who attempt to escape from the city where giant creatures threaten humanity, using their video recordings as a means of moving the plot. At the beginning of the film, a video camera is discovered in Central Park and used by the FBI as evidence of a national emergency.

Where do you watch Cloverfield


The Visit, Ed Oxenbold, Olivia Dejung, Screen: Katherine Hahn, 2015. © Universal Pictures/Courtesy
Photo: Universal / courtesy Everett / Everett Collection

the visit It features the scariest family of all time. When a young mother sends her two children to spend time with their grandparents in a very isolated forest, they realize they are not in good hands almost immediately. Faced with some sort of situation for Hansel and Gretel, the pair do everything they can to survive and return home safely – but it may be of no use. With each passing day, the elderly couple becomes increasingly hostile, ready to stop at nothing to make the children visit a living hell.

Where do you watch the visit


Megan is missing
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One of the most famous films found in modern history, Megan is missing It follows a teenage girl who disappeared after she met someone she knew online. Although not based on one specific disappearance, the film maker based the film on a series of kidnappings in order to raise awareness of online safety and keep children protected. The controversial film has since been banned in New Zealand due to violent images, which has made it viral online because it is incredibly difficult to watch.

Where do you watch Megan is missing


Photo: Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection / Everett Collection

Yes, this incredibly scary photo of Mark Duplass is meant to scare you meaninglessly. This is because in crawling, He plays a strange stranger who requests to be photographed in an unknown location for one day. A helpless man agrees to go out and score, which leads to the footage seen in the movie being found. The Curious Man claims to be looking forward to making a movie for his unborn child, but as the title suggests, he’s a real creep. His demands become more and more life-threatening as the day goes on.

Where do you watch crawling

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