8 healthy habits that help you become smarter in your daily life

If you want to make the most of your time, the required actions should come to you naturally. And the things that come to you naturally are nothing but your habits. Fortunately, you can develop it however you want with deliberate practice, a little more effort and time.

Let’s discuss the eight habits you must practice to change your life for the better.

1. Spend some time reading every day

You must have heard this advice a trillion times before. It is preferred by every successful person because it is not the content you consume that makes you smarter, but the process of reading.

When you read, you think. You analyze. You focus on one thing for a long time. Likewise, you give her all your attention and focus.

You may not realize it, but you are actually training your brain to focus on complex tasks for longer in this way.

By using social media constantly, your brain stimulation drops dramatically. You are constantly showing it with new content every few seconds or minutes. Now, when you’re trying to focus on something for a while longer – studying, doing your work, or finishing a project – your brain craves the same level of stimulation. It makes it difficult to complete the task at hand.

That is why you are distracted by even the slightest sound of a notification on your phone. Your brain has become accustomed to these stimuli now. But you can change it by making it a habit to read every day, although less often.

Use your Amazon Kindle to make reading a habit

You can either download the app to your phone or get the device yourself. You get all your books in one place. This way, you can read at your leisure: on the subway, waiting for an appointment, or while traveling.

download: Amazon Kindle Android | iOS (Subscription required, free trial available)

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2. Review the information learned

What good is the information you spent a lot of studying if you don’t remember it?

With so many ideas in your head, a new piece of data you learned from a new source is easily lost. This is why people forget so easily.

However, just as you can learn a new skill through constant practice, you can learn what you have studied through revision. So spend at least 20 minutes a day reviewing what you’ve learned. Make it a habit.

It will help you retain the information and data you have learned to pass a test or interview. You can also use it to remember facts to give better opinions while talking to others. This, by the way, will also reflect on your character, and others will see that you are smart. Here is an app that can help you:


This Anki app can help you to learn basic things through different activities like flashcard method.

download: about you Android | iOS (free)

3. Track and manage your ideas

Another thing that can help you become smarter is to always keep track of your thoughts. Great writers and creatives do it all the time.

Ideas can come to you at any time, while taking a shower, searching for something online, or perhaps while working on a project. Let’s say you run a blog, work on a college project, and you have three different ideas based on your project. Write it down right away.

Not just ideas, but a simple description of what she was about and how you think about using it. Learn from history. You never know when you might have a million dollar idea.

Tools that can help

Consider taking notes when you come across key information while browsing the Internet or researching a project. Apps like EvernoteAnd idea, And Microsoft OneNote I can help.

4. Manage your time wisely

I am not making an impact in the universe by saying this. But listen, while technology has worked hard to make things easier for us, it has made one thing very difficult for us – our ability to manage time.

Most people continue to watch videos or memes or continue to surf the web, even after knowing that they are doing something else better at this time.

The best way to avoid this happening to you is to:

  • Put your goals on a piece of paper.

  • Make a plan accordingly.

  • give priority to things; And

  • Make it a habit to make your to-do list first thing in the morning, or before you go to bed, each day.

This way, you know exactly how to spend the maximum time in your day. This can help you avoid wasting time on social media and get things done. Here is an app that can help you:

Keep your focus

It helps you manage your day better. To make it work, just set the amount of time you need to spend on a particular app or website per day. Once this limit is reached, their access will be blocked. In addition, it tracks your activity on the phone and shows how many times you open your screen each day.

download: stay focused on Android | iOS (free)

5. Exercise

Exercising 30 minutes a day not only makes you look good and improves your health, but it also makes you smarter.

Half an hour of exercise every day increases blood vessel activity and improves clarity of mind and intelligence. Plus, when more blood and oxygen reach your brain, it helps build cognitive health.

And the more energy you start your day with, the more productivity you can expect. Here’s an app that can help.

home workouts

It is a great app with more than 2.3 million users around the world. You can practice using this app without any equipment. It provides exercises for the abdomen, chest, arms, legs, butts and even full-body exercises.

You can perform the exercises every day in just a few minutes.

download: home workouts for Android | iOS (free)

6. Fill your day with various tasks

It is possible that you may not like monotonous things. Nobody does that, not even your mind.

When you consistently spend more time on one task or project, your brain gets bored and stressed, and eventually slows down. So divide your day with different types of work every day.

It gives your brain a critical rest period to recover and prevents boredom. This ultimately helps her deal with various problems better throughout the day. Here is an app that can help you:

Google Calendar

It’s a simple yet great addition to your phone. Simply list the tasks with the time you have to do them, and it will automatically remind you of them when the time is right.

download: Google Calendar for Android | iOS (free)

7. Build a deeper understanding of the topics

Most people work on a project only to complete it as fast as they can, or study for a test just to pass it.

But doing something becomes ten times easier when you have a better foundation and a deeper understanding of the topic. It helps you get quick solutions and fix even complex issues related to this case.

Is there a way to build a deeper understanding of the topics?

In fact, there is.

To make this work work, find out your weaknesses in the project or topic that you need to work on and what you can do about them. If you don’t have much experience with technology, and you have to spend hours looking for problems before you can fix them – like something on your website – reach out to a friend or colleague. Spend some time on the weekend and spend a few hours building an understanding of how it works.

This way, next time you encounter similar issues, you will at least know what the actual problem is. Where do you look for the solution and what do you do about it? This method can work in any field you are in.

8. Learn a new skill

woman learning a new language

When you have something to look forward to, you use your free time more wisely.

For example, if you are learning to draw pictures, the more free you are instead of just playing video games or watching TV, the more time you will be drawing.

But if you haven’t decided on anything like that yet, you can choose something to learn that you’ve always wanted, like a new language, a musical instrument, photography, calligraphy, cooking, etc. It will not only help you to spend time more effectively but look Smart too.

How do you learn a new skill in your busy schedule?

You can take online courses in just about anything you can think of using platforms like UdemyAnd Coursera, or The grand session.

If you want to learn a new language, you can use these great podcasts that help you learn a language in your spare time.

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Build good habits to get smarter

If you act a little more consciously for part of your day and decide to practice good habits, you can achieve more than you can possibly imagine.

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