Angry firefighters stop working after threatening Parliament staff over vaccine mandate

A group of city firefighters drove an FDNY truck from the Brooklyn firehouse to the New York state senator’s office and berated his crew over the New York City vaccine mandate, fire officials confirm.

The six members of Ladder 113, who were on duty at the time, have been suspended and will face discipline, according to Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

“This is completely inappropriate action by members of service in this administration who should only care about responding to emergencies and helping New Yorkers and not harassing an elected official and his staff,” Negro said.

Firefighters allegedly told employees of state Senator Zelnor Merry they would be “stained with blood” after the mandate forced unprotected workers to take unpaid leave next week, according to a fire spokesperson.

They also noted that if there was a fire at Merry’s house, they would not respond to the call, according to the spokesperson.

State Senator Zelnor Merry.
Employees of State Senator Zelnor Merry were allegedly harassed by a group of New York State Defense Force firefighters.
Paul Martinka

“I am angry,” Meri He told NBC4, who first reported the horrific accident.

“First, that the officers on duty who were supposed to focus on keeping us safe and responding to emergencies would try to use their uniforms and their fire truck to intimidate my staff,” he said, adding, “And secondly, it is troubling that they were approaching a state elected official to get Mandate to the City, and I believe they would make veiled threats about my personal safety by asking where I personally live.”

The FDNY plans to close up to 20 percent of its fire companies as many in the department refuse to get vaccinated.

New York City workers, including thousands of firefighters, stage a protest march and crowd over the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall to express their opposition to mandating the city to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or lose their jobs, October 25, 2021.
Thousands of FDNY firefighters marched to protest the Brooklyn Bridge to express their opposition to the city’s mandate for a COVID-19 vaccine on October 25, 2021.
Corbis via Getty Images

The deadline for city workers to get a jab was 5 p.m. Friday or be given unpaid leave starting Monday.

As of Thursday evening, 71% of the FDNY was vaccinated.


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