Arsenal fans are paying £37 a goal compared to Manchester City’s £7 deal as revealed by Premier League ticket prices.

It was revealed that Arsenal fans had to shell out £37 per goal for tickets last season.

The cheapest season ticket offered to Gunners fans in the 2020-21 campaign was £891.

Arsenal are not even competing in Europe this season


Arsenal is not even competing in Europe this seasoncredit: Getty

When you point out that with the number of goals scored by Mikel Arteta’s side, it comes out to roughly £40 per home goal.

Compare that with Manchester City whose season tickets are as low as £325, a price point of around £7 a target.

The study he did OLGB, highlighted the ridiculously exaggerated charges Arsenal have asked their fans.

Even more impressive when you consider that they have finished eighth in the Premier League in the past two seasons.

The most expensive club you see at home except for Arsenal is surprisingly Burnley.

Sean Dyche’s performance comes in at nearly £28 per goal, but that’s largely due to the fact that they averaged 0.78 home goals per game last season.

The cheapest team to monitor by this measure is Manchester City, followed by Leicester who made around £10.74 per goal.

Brentford is running similarly cheap, even though they were plying their trade in the championship last season.

Despite Arsenal’s horrendous target-price ratio, another London team is at its worst when the data takes into account a variety of different factors.

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They evaluated capacity, cheapest season ticket price, cheapest match day ticket price, percentage of disabled access seats on the grounds, price of fake jerseys, cost of beer/burger/program, number of goals per home game and price paid for each goal at home and scored Last season.

When accounting for all of that, they found that Chelsea had the worst value for money for fans, followed by Wolves.

At the other extreme, Leicester was said to be the best value for money besides Leeds.

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