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shopping for lovers the desk? These gifts range from the cute to the silly – you are sure to find the perfect thing for your special fan.

It debuted in 2005, the desk It quickly became one of the most popular TV shows of all time. Based on the original British show of the same name, the American version took its own direction by the end of the first season and became a household success. Although the last season aired in 2013, millions of fans around the world still watch this show regularly.

From Michael Scott’s inappropriate humor to Dwight Schrute’s eagerness to please Jim Halpert’s pranks, every fan of the desk Connected with at least one character. Here are the best gifts for the fans in your life.

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Baseball cap

Front and back view of a baseball cap


In Season 4 of the Money episode, Jim and Pam spend the night at Schrute Farms, a bed and breakfast that Dwight runs on his beet farm. The night is full of compost, Harry Potter, and the Outer Houses and creates one of the most memorable episodes in the entire series.

This is amazing Baseball cap Allows the gift recipient to represent the largest agricultural tourism destination in Pennsylvania. The classic fit dad hat style and adjustable strap make it suitable for all head sizes. The hat comes in five different colors and will complement any casual outfit.

Fan Ren shirt

Blue shirt and Michael Scott wearing the blue shirt

all lovers the desk Likes the “Fun Run” episode. From Jim hiring a stripper to accept a donation check to Michael Holds with Fettuccine Alfredo minutes before the race, this two-part episode is filled with laugh-out-loud moments.

All the characters in this episode wear this custom racing shirts With the name Michael chose for the event – “Michael Scott Donder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Fun Race for a Cure.” The simple design is a fun reference to display and is subtle enough for anyone to wear. This shirt is perfect for costume parties or everyday wear when it comes to the most devoted fan in your life.

Cup “best boss in the world”

white mug written on it "The best coach in the world" And Michael Scott with the mug


One of the most popular props in the entire show is Michael’s “Best Boss” mug in the world. He proudly displays it and even though he bought it himself, he believes the mug says all about his experience as a business owner. Everyone can use another cup in their life and this is a great choice for any fan of the show.

Let your friend pretend to be Michael Scott with this Cup “best boss in the world”. They can use it as a mood booster in the morning or display it on their desks at work. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, making it easy to care for.

Midnight threat level Shirt

Black shirt and gray shirt written on it "Midnight threat level" In the foreground


Midnight threat levelMichael’s very special movie, is one of the greatest things it’s come from the desk. It took three years of writing, one year of shooting, four years of reshooting, and two years of editing to create, and every second was worth it.

Watching a group of good actors pretend to be bad actors in a short film full of explosives and horrible transformations is funny. And one of the greatest action movies of all time is what it deserves.

This is amazing threat level midnight t-shirt Perfect for anyone who can’t stop singing the credits song or doing the Michael Scarn dance at home. It comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes, so it’s suitable for anyone on your list.

the desk DVD set

Office suite boxed DVD


After the show left Netflix last year, many fans are looking for other ways to enjoy their favorite series. This is amazing DVD Collection Let any fan on your gift list get in at home.

Although DVDs are becoming less convenient than digital copies, this set comes with more than just standard episodes. In addition to all 201 episodes spanning nine seasons, this box set includes bonus commentaries, web episodes, and error reels. It even contains more than 15 hours of deleted scenes that you may have never seen before. It’s a gift for all lovers the desk They will want it in their home.

Dundee Award

Gold award shield in the office

Alpha Awards

The Dundies are the awards that Michael presents to his employees each year. They often include respectful vocals, bad jokes, and at least one inappropriate comment. As Pam said, “You know what they say about a car wreck, where it’s too awful to look away? Dundees is like a car wreck that you want to look away from but have to stare at because your boss makes you.”

That being said, all fans the desk will kill for Dundee Award. Make your friend’s dream come true with his own dream. They can show it to their friends, show it off online, or display it in their living room next to their plasma screen TV.

motivational quote poster

motivational poster hanging on the wall


This poster is guaranteed to make every fan the desk laugh out loud. Although it was only shown in the series for a few seconds, it is arguably one of the funniest and smartest parts of the show.

That’s simple black and white poster It displays a motivational quote by Michael (or Wayne Gretzky?) “I’ve lost 100% of the shots you didn’t take.” It’s printed on museum-style Fuji Crystal archival paper that will last for decades. It can be hung on its own or framed for safekeeping. This decal would look great inside any home or bedroom.

Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

Dwight Schrute Bird Head

NBC Universal

Members the desk I will love This is a bobblehead Almost like Dwight did on the show. It was originally introduced to Dwight by Angela Martin and appears multiple times throughout the rest of the show.

This bobblehead is a replica of the one used in the show. It comes on a high-quality stand to keep it stable and stands over five inches in height. It can fit everywhere from an office desk to a bookshelf to a car dashboard. When your recipient needs a mood booster, they can just tap Dwight’s head and watch him shake their head in support.

somehow manage notebook

Front and back cover of a book called Somehow I Run

Michael J Scott

somehow manage It is Michael’s diary that was mentioned several times during the show. Michael ends up giving the unfinished version to Daryl before his character exits the show and unfortunately, fans haven’t been able to see the final version. So far.

Well, not really. This notebook It is just an ordinary notebook. However, it does contain one explanation for what would have been the cover of Michael’s diary if the real thing had been published. Lined blank pages can also come in handy, as the recipient can use this gift for everything from writing diaries to taking notes at school to jotting grocery lists. It’s still a really fun gift but they use it.

the desk door sign

A sign on the door reads "the desk"


This little sticker tag is the perfect display gesture for anyone who likes to represent popular media in a more subtle way. This is amazing door sign Appears in the introduction to each episode of the desk, Which makes it a subtle but respectful nod to show.

The 9″ by 3″ acrylic sheet has a self-adhesive backing that can be used anywhere. Gift recipient can place this sign on their office door, bedroom door, desk, wall, or pretty much anywhere else the sticker will stick. Some reviews say the adhesive isn’t very strong, so you can use the adhesive of your choice if you’re having trouble getting it to stick to your door.

Dwight Schrute Funko Pop

Dwight Schrute Statue


Funko Pops are mini figurines representing characters from pop culture. It features everything from Harry Potter to Game of Thrones to Marvel and the desk is no exception.

This is amazing Dwight Schrute Funko Pop It is the perfect gift for someone who quotes Dwight on a daily basis. It’s also perfect for anyone who collects these figurines and needs to add to their collection. It can be displayed anywhere and is about four inches long and won’t take up much space.

Michael Scott Funko Pop

Statue of Michael Scott


This is amazing Michael Scott Funko Pop The Dwight statue is similar to his counterpart above except that of course it features Michael instead. In this drawing, Michael is standing in his signature blue suit and holding a “world’s best boss” mug with one hand.

Once again, this item is great for fans of the show who are building a collection of the desk Funko Pops. The figurines can be kept just about anywhere and will stand on their own without the need for a special base.

the desk It is one of the most popular comedies of all time. These gifts are perfect for the fan in your life, whether they can use a new cup of coffee, want to add more T-shirts to their wardrobe, or have always dreamed of getting a Dundie Award.

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