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Android 12 has just been released after a long beta period around the same time Google introduced the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but the company is already moving on to a new software update coming early next year. He will be called Android 12 forAnd Google can finally help solve the tablet problem.

We can all agree that Android tablets are bad, which is why Google is putting so much effort into Android 12L. The company says that the 12L feature drop will make Android 12 better on larger screens like tablets, foldable devices, and Chrome OS devices.

We first heard about the potential Android 12.1 update back in September, and today at the Android Dev Summit, Google made it official. Android 12L will improve the screen layout and user interface for larger screens, adjust the placement of everything on the home screen (with a dock like a ChromeOS device), make tweaks to the lock screen, notifications, the quick settings panel, and more.

This seems like a drastic change for Android, which is odd considering Android 12 barely came out of the oven.

According to Google, any screen above a certain size will display a two-column layout that uses the entire screen. Then, as shown above, there’s a new taskbar dock that makes switching between apps on large screens quick and easy, or more importantly, unlocking split-screen mode and taking full advantage of a larger screen. Google says this works on all apps, even if they are designed to be resized or not. This new dock will not be present on smaller screens like a regular phone.

Based on what we’re seeing from Google today, the quick settings menu will live on the left side of the screen, and the notification drop-down bar is permanently locked to the right. This allows users to access anything and everything instantly or simultaneously, without closing apps or stopping what they’re doing. Is it just me or is it a bit like the iPad OS?

Then, apps like Messages will take advantage of the larger screens by immediately opening them in split screen mode. This way, you can scroll through messages on one side while replying or see an active conversation on the right side.

Everything offered today should help improve the experience of the terrible Android tablet and provide a better user interface for foldable devices. And as we all know, foldable phones are very popular right now, and we keep hearing rumors that Google has a Pixel Fold in the works.

Android 12L release date

Google released 12L Android Emulator Images Today is for app developers to preview all changes, work on updates, and implement them in apps and services. As a result, the update should be ready to roll when it arrives “early next year” to help usher in the “next wave of Android 12 foldable tablets and tablets.”

We’re not sure what “early next year” means, but hopefully we’ll get some clarification soon. It’s also plausible that Google will announce the Pixel Fold sometime later this year or early 2022 as the first device to get Android 12L. On top of that, Google is working with several OEM partners to help bring these features to newer large-screen devices, including Chromebook manufacturers and even Lenovo’s upcoming 12.6-inch tablet to take over the iPad Pro.

In conclusion, it appears that while Android 12L will focus on foldable phones, tablets, and Chrome OS devices, Google said it will be available for phones as well, with the Android Beta coming out in December. Keep in mind that the Android 12 experience will remain the same on phones, for now, and for upcoming updates from manufacturers like Samsung, but it will eventually change next year. Stay tuned for more details.

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