Dell Unveils the Most Powerful XPS Desktop PC Ever Made – Geek Review

New Dell XPS Desktop

Dell just unveiled Next Generation XPS DesktopThe most powerful PC ever honored with the XPS lineup. Its large, spacious design and next-generation hardware make it a killer choice for professionals, gamers, or PC geeks who want an upgradeable PC but can’t afford individual components (which are way too expensive at the moment).

Launched later this fall, the new XPS Desktop is 42% larger than its predecessor (27 liters) and runs the latest 12th generation Intel Core processors (up to i9K) and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUS (up to 3090). Dell also offers AMD Radeon RX GPU configurations (up to 6900 XT).

To our surprise, the new Dell XPS Desktop runs GDDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5 graphics, which should protect your PC in the future and provide a ridiculous boost to memory speeds. Dell claims that GDDR5 memory supports 530% faster clock speeds than DDR4.

And with the new, larger-than-life design of the Dell XPS Desktop, users can enjoy increased heat with support for up to three 120mm fans and liquid-cooling solutions. And no, you don’t need screwdrivers to get into your new XPS Desktop – it’s mod-ready.

Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14.

While you can’t buy the new XPS Desktop just yet, Dell is now selling the much-anticipated Alienware Aurora R13 desktop. The new PC features an upgraded design for a significant temperature boost — you can expect 5% better GPU performance, as well as a much quieter fan set than in previous Alienware desktops.

The new Alienware Aurora R13 is powered by the latest 12th Gen Intel Core chips and NVIDIA GPUs. There’s also a new Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R14 desktop that works…well, you guessed it, Ryzen 5000-series chips! Order them now on Dell Starting at $1250.

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