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If you love Pokemon gameplay but want to enjoy a totally different world with beautiful space and unique monsters, then Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK is the only one that can help you guys.

Defining Nexomon: Extinction

Tame monsters, fight and destroy tyrants to save the world!

It’s similar to Pokemon, but it’s cool in a different way

Nexomon: Extinction is an improvement of the original Nexomon game, which is an exotic version of Pokemon. There is a similar gameplay: also collect and train an army of powerful monsters. But the vast fantasy world that contains many features with endless types of unique monsters will keep you immersed day in and day out.

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The Pokemon game series contains Pokemon types. As for Nexomon: Extinction, there are monsters called Nexomon. By playing the game, you will have the opportunity to meet and collect more than 380 different types of Nexomon. Each one has its own appearance, size, color, personality and movements. Your job is to teach them, tame them, and train them to understand the character and capabilities of each individual. Finally, become a powerful Nexomon expert.


At some point in human history, the whole world was plunged into a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčnatural disasters. Behind the approaching death is the plot of the tyrant Nexomon. He wants to destroy the world order and turn everything upside down to control both humanity and the Nexomon species. We will not let this plot come true, you and the group of tamers will gather, vowing to save the world. The journey to find strength and conquer the Nexomon monster group begins. With your brain, talent and intelligence, you will gradually create a very powerful army of Nexomon, stronger than before thanks to the process of training and fully exploiting their skills. In front of heroic friends and an army of indomitable beasts together, evils will one day be defeated not far away.


As it was said, monsters are called Nexomon. It is divided into 9 types of elements. Each element has its own fighting and defensive properties. Just like when playing Pokemon, you should spend about 15-20 minutes learning these items according to specific instructions in the game. Each monster has its strengths and weaknesses. Combined with the items to which the monsters belong, you will realize the true strengths of the monsters and improve the weaknesses before they become a critical point on the battlefield.

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First, you choose a character to embody who will later become a true tamer. But rest assured, no matter who you choose, because these kids are all from the orphanage, they have brave hearts and great passion. Then when you encounter the first monster, you will begin to open up to the exciting experience.

Dressage depends on the percentage of success rate for each species. You can use the capture skill or use the Nexotrap equipment to attack the monster, causing it to lose blood. Or more simply, you can approach the Nexomon to entice them with food and even talk. How do you attract animals? The general rule of Nexomon: Extinction is that once they have tamed the team, they have all the abilities inherent in the species by default.

Once you have an army of ferocious beasts, you go into battle. The battle format in Nexomon: Extinction is turn-based, and each tamer can bring up to 6 monsters to battle. The battles take place in many different places on Earth, such as the icy polar regions or the hot killer desert. Each place, with its terrain and climate, suits some monsters. Your first task is completed, and choosing a monster that suits both the game scene and the type of enemy is the key to victory.

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Through the process of training and fighting enemies, Nexomon will learn a lot of things: improve their fighting skills, gain experience points to evolve into a stronger system. Like Pokemon, you will play and experience for yourself the similarities and differences between monster systems. From there, make smarter choices.

In the process of playing, in addition to finding and taming monsters, you also need to join a tamer guild to ally with other players to increase your strength.

MOD APK version of Nexomon: Extinction

MOD . Feature

Full version unlocked

How to install Nexomon: Extinction MOD APK

  1. First, you install Nexomon: Extinction from Google Play.
  2. Once the installation starts (running 1% or more), cancel it.
  3. Install the MOD version.

Download Nexomon: Extinction APK & MOD for Android

The game is purely Pokemon style but has its own story with many open nodes. Animal army is very unique in appearance and ability. The side search system is very attractive. The conversation between the characters is short but engaging and doesn’t miss any funny moments. There are many reasons to play Nexomon: Extinction. But first, click on this link to download the game.

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