Google will now remove photos of minors on demand

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If there is an image of a Google Image search minor, it can be removed on demand, as Google announced a few months ago. The minor themselves or the guardian can go to Google and request that the photo be removed.

Google said in Blog post.

The process of removing the image seems easy enough. Google has support link A minor or authorized representative can go to the photo and request that it be removed. From there, they must fill out a form where the image URLs for any images they want removed, the URLs for any search result pages containing the images, and the search query terms that appear on the images. From there, Google will review the status and reach out if it has any questions.

If all requirements are met, Google will remove the image from Google search and inform the person who submitted the request that it has been removed.

Google reminds anyone that “it is important to note that removing an image from Google results does not remove it from the Internet.” Instead, it will only remove results from search results. If you want to remove an image completely, you will need to contact the website hosting the image.

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